Nature Pictures and Paybacks

I will never again be able to walk down the sidewalk in my neighborhood without thinking about how some of the slabs are cement, and some are slate. My friends Kathleen(KC) and Chuck from Albuquerque visited recently and they just couldn’t get over it. I myself had never noticed. Thanks guys. Like I didn’t have better things to ponder on my walks.

This is a yellow rose from our front flower bed. The bush is still blooming even though it is the end of November in Cleveland. Is this normal? Quit looking at the weeds in my garden please. Focus on the yellow rose. The sign of friendship. Friends don’t criticize friend’s weeds. I’m just guessing about the symbolism for the yellow rose but I might be right. The roses smell heavenly, and I am proud not to have killed it yet, though I have not personally done anything to keep it alive. The yellow rose. I’m changing my mind. It’s the symbol of survival.

This is my favorite tree in the neighborhood. Its leaves are red from far away, and orange from underneath. I like that in a tree. Versatility. Like a reversible jacket. Who doesn’t like a reversible jacket? Not that you ever really use the reverse side, but it’s nice to have the option.

My friend KC whom I mentioned above, hates when she gets a song in her head and can’t shake it. There are certian songs that really do this to her. She can’t stand it! They get in there, wearing a continuous groove on her brain. Songs, oh I don’t know…like this:

KC, this gets you back for the sidewalks.

Now maybe I can return to comtemplating the meaning of life when I go for my walks.

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7 Responses to Nature Pictures and Paybacks

  1. KC says:

    Mean! JUST evil! And everyone should know she’s always been like this!

  2. Amanda says:

    where did the slate go? Presumably it was once all slate? They wouldn’t dig up concrete and replace with slate, would they? (This is America after all….) the leaves look like wedding confetti, all multi colour pastel.

    I must congratulate you on your embarrassment of blooms – I could never get that even in high summer, that’s why I grow veggies!! LOL!!

    I could sit and swing under that tree all day. 🙂

  3. Wanda says:

    OMG! Pilot of the Airwaves? I haven’t heard that song in forever. The opening a cappella piece is the best part of the song.

    We have daisies and clematis in bloom in our yard. Highly unusual this time of year.

  4. Carrie Link says:

    And my friend Kathleen corrects me every time I say cement – it’s actually concrete. One more thing to bug you. : )

  5. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Tell St. Kathleen a “concrete” is ice cream. Everyone knows THAT.

  6. Amanda says:

    Ms O’neil for a wise woman you sure can be dense. Since when has a stony amalgamation been a sweet desert?

  7. Claire says:

    That sure is a great tree – beautiful!

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