The 300 Club

This week Riley made it into The 300 Club at Tae Kwon Do. She’d had her eye on the plaque for over a year. Back when she started she could not do twenty sit-ups. She’s always had low muscle tone. She could not make it through five minutes of a traditional martial arts class. The teacher had to work one on one with her. Now she’s one of the best students in her class. She tries so hard. She is focused. She never, ever slacks off. This week she did 300 sit ups. Her name will go on the plaque. She did the first 100 without anyone holding her feet. Just her on the mat.

She has another promotional exam soon and she is excited about it. Excited. Smiling!

Now she’s eyeing the 100 Club plaque for push ups. 

You go baby girl!

There is nothing you can’t do.

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14 Responses to The 300 Club

  1. Jess Wilson says:

    I love this, particularly when juxtaposed with the post before the last promotion test. Quantum leaps, kid.

  2. Lydia says:

    You go, Riley! I’m so proud of her!

  3. Amanda says:

    Well, we all know “Seth” is American for the “best brother ever”!!

    HT – happiness is having a man to cuddle, not a stick

    GO RILEY!!

  4. Jamie says:

    Tell her congrats! That is so awesome!!

  5. Claire says:

    300 sit ups – that is fantastic. Even when I was a gym bunny there is no way I could have done more than maybe 15. Way to go Riley!!!

  6. Woo-hoo, Riley! She’s amazing!

  7. Well she’s a lot better than me! That is wonderful.

  8. amber says:

    Wow, that is good stuff!! Her abs are going to be awesome, huh?

    I can eat 300 cookies. With no one holding my feet.


  9. Maddy says:

    Lummy! I don’t think I could even to three. Horray!

  10. Betty says:

    Wow! How awesome! She’s really come a long way. I’m so proud of her. I like Amanda’s line about happiness. I have to tell David about that one.

  11. Amanda says:

    Only a fellow Brit – dare I say English? – would say “Lummy!” Hi Maddy!!

  12. Stagmom says:

    What a terrific accomplishment. Good for you, Riley!

  13. naomi says:

    WOW! 300? Seriously! Impressive!

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