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One of the most challenging parts of publishing your book independently is self-promotion. You have to walk the fine line between getting it out there, and not tooting your own horn too much. Using social media to your advantage, but not annoying people.

I’m also fighting a different issue.

I went ahead and made these bumper stickers. I love them. I think they came out just perfect. They are intriguing. As an avid reader I’d look up the book for sure, if I saw the bumper sticker on the back of someone’s car.

The problem is actually putting it on my car. Now, we’re not generally bumper sticker people. Too worried about our cars’ finishes (which is funny because we don’t have fancy cars), but anyway…I bought some magnetic paper to stick to the back so that isn’t the issue.

The problem is the title. DAUGHTER OF THE DRUNK AT THE BAR.

There is still shame.

But what exactly do I have to be ashamed about?

My father spent more time in a bar, than he did at home. He didn’t take care of us. Little kids think it is their fault. If they were somehow more lovable, they could change it. In their minds, DAUGHTER OF THE DRUNK AT THE BAR = Not good enough. Not worth it.

The adult me knows this isn’t true. She knows it’s good business sense to advertise her book in any way she can.

The little kid me fears the person behind me at the traffic light will scoff.

So the grown up me takes the little girl’s hand, and together, for all the daughters, they slap that baby on both cars.

No shame little one. No shame.

* If you by any chance, would like to help me promote by slapping one on your own car, e-mail me your address and I’ll get one to you. Thanks so much for your support.

lifeorileyo @ gmail.com

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7 Responses to Bumper Stickers/Indie Publishing/Daughter of the Drunk at the Bar

  1. kario says:

    This hit me where it hurts, Michelle. I have a lump in my throat the size of your car, I think. Such courage you have – you and your younger self. You are a shining example of moving on and challenging the most painful notions we have about ourselves.

    Thank you.

  2. Dee Ready says:

    As Kario says, Michelle, you and the little girl you were–who still accompanies you throughout life–are so courageous. You face all this straight-on, ready to embrace that little girl and yourself.

    Your book will be, I’m quite sure, like the smooth rock on the shore of Lake Superior. We pick it up and examine it and find within it the history of the journey.

    Then on some sunlit day when we feel the freedom of having let go, we skip that slate across the waters of another pond and trust that it will touch myriads of lives in its ripples. We never know what word or act or deed will make all the difference.

  3. Leah says:

    I truly admire your courage and support your writing and promotion endeavors! I just emailed you as I’d be honored to wear your bumper sticker.

  4. amber says:

    Um, yeah…WHY don’t I have one yet?? You better get on that.

    I freaking loooove little you. WHAT a CUTIE.


  5. Kathee says:

    Michelle I am almost to the middle of your book. I can’t put it down. And, for the record – I have a stack of unfinished books! It is just so beautiful and you capture the “vibe” of growing up during that period so perfectly. The voice and the scenes… I am already going back and re-reading sections. Thank you for sharing your story and publishing your book. Obviously I will recommend and purchase for several people as a gift. Love to you and your family. You are so full of talent, humor, and courage.

  6. Carrie Link says:

    Do you really need to ask? My need is great!

  7. Kristen says:

    Now that’s the Haun face I know! Did everyone have blonde hair when they were young? Love it!

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