Today….we veg

On Wednesday and Thursday we got new windows. I spent the next two days cleaning up a layer of sawdust and dirt off of every surface of the house. R & S completed six weeks of day camp on Friday. HT’s brother and his family arrived that afternoon for a weekend visit. My sister and her son arrived Saturday. And we had a house concert on Sunday. And I was taking care of my neighbor’s dog all weekend. Oh…and there’s that book I released last week. The busyness has helped me not be entirely freaked out that people are actually reading it. Lots of wonderful response from readers so far. More on that another day soon. Today I’m doing nothing more than feed my children, and of course, laundry.


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5 Responses to Today….we veg

  1. Amanda says:

    On the subject of the eternal laundry – do you think there really is a bottom to the basket or is it a myth? I only ask as I’ve never seen it 😀

  2. KC says:

    Exhausted just HEARING about it! But cute pics 🙂

  3. kario says:

    Hope your veggie day was terrific! I love those days after a lot of fulfilling activity. You deserve it.

  4. Tanya Savko says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! But definitely warranting a veg day. xo

  5. Dee Ready says:

    Wow! The amount of energy you expend amazes me!
    I say take all the veg-out days you can while still enjoying
    Riley and Seth…..and the responses to the book. Go for it!

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