Road Trip Summer

The header above is a note Seth left for his dad before we went on our road trip to Wisconsin. Usually, if I’m leaving on a trip, I leave notes where I think Todd will find them, but this time I suggested the kids do it while I finished packing the van. They LOVED it (and it kept them out of my hair in those frantic last minute trying to get out the door moments). Win-win.

Just got in last night from a weekend in upstate NY for my high school 25th reunion. It was a very surreal experience, but overall a positive one. Will write more about it as I am inspired to, probably after I am caught up with laundry. I think I will have new business cards made with the title “Laundress” as profession. It would be accurate.

Kids were awesome travelers. And the dogs…this was Yippee’s first road trip, they were great. He didn’t chew anything he wasn’t supposed to and did not pee on my MIL’s carpet, so we are pleased.

Today, we rest.

And we love it.

And we appreciate this good life. These good kids. These good dogs. The good husband who was off to work at 6AM. The good coffee in my cup. My good computer. My good washing machine. The flowers in my bed that bloomed while we were away. The overcast sky making it cool. The stuff in my garden coming up (I thought it was dead, but no). The cats who took care of themselves while we were away. The easy drive with no traffic. The easy access to good organic food here in Cleveland. The people we saw over the weekend. The thought that they are all out there, having their own human experience, separate from mine. There they are 25 years later. I feel such affection for them. For the human-ness of us all.

Anyway…gotta run. Lots to accomplish. That laundry ain’t gonna do itself. And no one is going to drink my coffee for me.

Have a beautiful day.


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6 Responses to Road Trip Summer

  1. kario says:

    Love it! I am always grateful when I can have a road trip without anyone getting carsick (dog included) and there is something strangely satisfying about completing loads of laundry, feeling them all warm as I fold them and stack them back into some kind of order.

    Welcome home.

  2. Amanda says:

    I LOVE that photo of the two dogs! Glad you had such a great trip and I can report positive genuine sightings of the bottom of the laundry basket here in bonnie Scotland – no more a myth than Nessie!!

  3. Tanya Savko says:

    Look at those cuties! : )
    Life is good, yes. xo

  4. Dee Ready says:

    Oh, people with grateful hearts are an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  5. Michelle O'Neil says:

    P.S. In this photo, the van looks WAY cleaner than it actually is. I thought you should know.

  6. Carrie Link says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Makes me feel a little better about the 14-year-old CR-V I drive.

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