A Breath of Fresh Air in Wisconsin

The kids and I left HT home and took a road trip to Wisconsin over the last few days. Just got back last night. Vast, open spaces. Ahhhh.

I’ve got so much swirling around in my brain to write, I can’t decide what comes first? It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks. This is my friend Betsy, who graciously opened up her home to us and made us feel so welcome and well fed and loved. Betsy runs a website called Autism Law of Attraction, which I’ve written a little bit for.

This is Beth, holding Gretel. Beth is a medical intuitive who works in Betsy’s husband’s office. He is a doctor specializing in treating children with autism. Elementals Living. Their link is to the right on my sidebar for future reference. Betsy also works in John’s office, wearing many hats there.

This is Betsy’s son Joey. Joey is 18 and has autism.

He is a happy guy and he is very well loved. One of the cutest things I witnessed while at Betsy’s was Joey going up to Dr. John, presenting his arm to him and saying, “Kissy kissy,” and John…who is very quiet and a bit reserved and who has a dry sense of humor and who can appear a bit intimidating, taking Joey’s arm and going down the length of it, kissing it, repeating “Kissy, kissy.” Adorable.

We had such a good time. The kids are awesome little travelers. They spent a lot of time in Betsy & John’s pool. The highlight for them, when a frog jumped in and spent the afternoon swimming with them. They named him Mr. Ribbit and here he is on Riley’s foot.

They also did a bit of bouncing.

And swinging. 

They even had an Angel for Riley to love, since we left Jingle home.

On the long drive home (8-9 hours)they watched ET for the first time. I loved the movie as a kid and it brought me such good feelings to listen to it as they watched. They also did lots of singing, and lots of playing with new Webkinz I bought them at Cracker Barrell.

The only meltdown during our road trip was mine, and it had to do with:

getting lost + Chicago traffic + drinking too much coffee and needing to pee.

A deadly combo. Luckily, my children knew what to do, and immediately began visualizing. In short time, they manifested a Jewel Osco, with a clean bathroom, and all was well with their mother, and the world.

We had a great time.

It’s so good to visit friends. To be able to picture their surroundings when you talk with them. To get a feel for where they are. I’m filled with so much appreciation today for being in a place where we could do this, and for the wonderful hospitality offered by Betsy and John.

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10 Responses to A Breath of Fresh Air in Wisconsin

  1. KFuller says:

    I want her backyard!

  2. Kathee says:

    Michelle you have the cutest kids! Beautiful pictures and I can so relate to that meltdown! Glad you had a nice trip.

  3. Betsy Hicks says:

    Michelle, Thank you for being such delightful guests. It was such a pleasure to watch the kids having so much fun and even though my children are much older, you are still my parenting role model. I don’t know anyone who does it better!

  4. Lydia says:

    So glad you all enjoyed yourselves. All filled up with fresh air now, trees, and sunsets now? I love that feeling.

  5. Amanda says:

    Anytime you feel ready for a flight let me know 🙂

  6. Dee Ready says:

    Getting away and being with friends sounds like such a good thing for you to do for yourself and Seth and Riley. The tone of your posting makes me think that you’ve returned home with a full heart and a lightened spirit. Thank you for sharing both the vacation and the photographs.

  7. kario says:

    I love it that you get to have meltdowns, too! And I love that you guys had this break. What terrific people we meet doing this parenting thing, and coming together when we can is so important.

  8. suzanne says:

    Hi Michelle, I saw you were back, as someone linked one of your posts on Facebook. I’m so glad you are back to blogging because you have such interesting and important things to say. Blessings, Suzanne

  9. Tanya Savko says:

    So glad it was a good trip!

  10. amber says:

    What a beautiful post! I love that picture of the kids in the pool with the frog. So cute! And the picture of you having the melt down while they ponied up a pooty for you. haha


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