Pass it through the window…

We’ve just discovered our deck. This sounds ridiculous, we’ve lived here for over three years, and have hardly ever spent time on our deck. For one thing, it was ugly. But this summer, Todd threw a couple coats of sealer on it, and it looks so much better. And then we got new windows.

You see, there is not a door which leads directly to our deck. You have to go out a side door, and around, and well….apparently that was just too much energy for me to expend before. Sad, yes. But with new windows, I can easily open the kitchen window (couldn’t do that before), creating a pass through, where I can hand cups and plates and we are enjoying eating outside on these beautiful end of summer evenings.

One night recently, I’d poured glasses of water, and asked Riley to help me get them outside before dinner. I said, “You can pass it through the window.” She smiled, and then started going out the side door with two glasses.

“No, Riley…you can pass them through the window.”

She paused and headed toward the door.

“Riley…look, we can put it through the window. Dad’s standing there waiting for you to hand the glasses to him.”

“Oh! I thought it was just an expression,” she said.

And it occurred to me, if you don’t understand expressions, anything could be an expression.

And it occurred to me just how brave my little girl is, as she navigates this confusing world.

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5 Responses to Pass it through the window…

  1. Carrie Link says:

    Funny, Rojo is INTO expressions, like, fully obsessed.

  2. Chris V. says:

    What a wonderful insight…

  3. Dee Ready says:

    As Chris says, this is a wonderful insight on your part.

    You do such a fine job, Michelle, of staying alert. This means to me that you could be and maybe are a fine teacher besides being an observant writer.

  4. kario says:

    How long before you all start passing yourselves through the window instead of going through the side door? That’d be my next move. Well, Lola’s, but I’d follow suit.


  5. amber says:



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