Our Easter

So what do you do after you were just bamboozled into your first solo and you want to push it far, far from your mind?  You take the kids to the zoo. How about HT’s new fully shaved head? He finally went all the way. This is us waiting for the trolley at the Cleveland Zoo. I’ve told you before how Todd’s eyes disappear when he laughs. Here’s actual proof. I have not seen his eyes in 14 years because he thinks I’m such a riot. IMG_2617




Seth got his hands on the map, and went all “little expert” on us. It was such a beautiful, relaxed afternoon, we went with it and let him navigate. He loves to navigate.



 My babies.


 My guys. 


My girl.


Monkeys watching the monkeys.



I don’t believe you. You’re that pesky shark!

I’m not a shark ma’am, I’m a dolphin.



For some reason we wound up spending a lot of time in the aquarium. Not rushing is good. No crowds at the zoo on Easter Sunday. It was just us and a few Jewish folks.



We leaned over a stone wall, and stared at the giraffes, mesmerized by their patterns and slow lanky movements. Each of us thinking our own thoughts,  

What’s it like to be tall?

What’s it like to be tall?

What’s it like to be tall?

What’s it like to be tall?


This is Riley feeling victorious after duping her mother earlier in the day.


She claims “the chocolate made her do it.”

Come to think of it, she did eat a small chocolate bunny that morning.

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9 Responses to Our Easter

  1. Carrie Link says:

    The resemblances between you and Riley and HT and Seth blow me away! Look! Even Seth’s eyes disappear when you make him laugh!

    What a fun day!

  2. Carrie Link says:

    Just read the prologue. Love the doctor of Chinese medicine.


  3. Meg says:

    HT looks TH (totally hot) with his new “anti-‘do”. What a wonderful afternoon together!

  4. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Thanks Meg! That will make his day!

  5. Kate says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  6. Deb says:

    So glad Riley’s returning to health and that you had such a glorious day. Great pictures – made me smile until my eyes disappeared.

  7. Courtney says:

    Love this post and the pictures!

  8. Kellyology says:

    I have a friend who I am now blogging with on a separate blog who wrote all last month about poo with her autistic child, and to anyone else this would probably come off as a totally offensive comment, but after reading your intro., I just wanted you to know because I’m going to send her over to you and this is my way of an introduction. (How’s that for a totally awesome run-on sentence? I’m not even going to bother correcting it. I’m a rebel like that.) Anyway, her name is Baloney here’s her blog…http://soundslikebaloney.blogspot.com/

    Love as always…

  9. kario says:

    Oh, Michelle. My heart hurts for you. As I read the first part my gut began to wrench. I get that same feeling when either of my kids begins to suffer – that I’ve somehow done something wrong or miscalculated or just plain failed. I am encouraged by your ability to let HT take over so that you could go take care of yourself. I’m going to try that!

    I’m so pleased that Riley is doing better and I hope she continues to improve. Sounds like a lovely Easter.

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