Meditation Before Glee

Busy day, and now in the first lull, the the kids want to watch Glee, which means I have to sit there with them because there are parts I must forward through. Not really into it but it means the world to them. I strike a deal.

“I’ll watch Glee with you, but first we do a meditation.”

Riley groans. Seth shrugs compliance. I bring my computer into the living room and sit on the floor, Riley sits next to me, Seth on the pink couch.

I bring up iTunes and choose a Martha Beck mp3 on anxiety. Riley and I snuggle up on a pillow on the floor, she rests her head in my arm, then moves it around in non-verbal insistence I stroke her hair. She’s pushy like that. Sometimes it gets on my nerves. The mp3 starts and it is nice and relaxing, and soon Seth is tucked in my other arm, and Yippee is on my chest, and we’re all in a heap on the floor, and yes, I’m stroking her hair.

And I forget being annoyed about it, because how lucky am I? To have these kids? Ones who at 9 and 11 will indulge their mother and get on the floor and meditate with her and how awesome it is that we came from a place of almost constant anxiety and walking on egg shells for years and now we pretty much just delight in each other.

Soon we’re all breathing deep and slow, and I’m no longer “the mother” but just with them, and we are all in a place of stillness, no thought, no time, together.

Twenty minutes later, we’re watching Glee, and the day marches on.

But the meditation, it’s there. It’s in us.

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6 Responses to Meditation Before Glee

  1. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle,
    You wrote that the three of you and Yippee were in “a place of stillness, no thought, no time, together.” To me that is a holy place. You rest, then, in graciousness.

    A lovely post. Thank you.


  2. Lydia says:

    I can feel the relaxation and peace 🙂 Mom and I understand your sentiment, from the walking on eggshells to the sheer delight.

  3. Meg says:

    Can I come over and do a meditation with you? It sounds so lovely.

  4. kario says:

    Love it.

  5. amber says:

    I’m gonna so cuddle with you and make you stroke my hair, some day when I see you. And you will, or I will sit on your chest. I’m pretty sure I’m bigger than you.

    😉 oxox

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