Author/Poet Appearance

Due to the impending snow storm this event has been postponed until April.

Any readers from our hometown? Endicott? Binghamton?

Anyone? Anyone?

Friday, February 26th, 7 PM

Angelo will be reading from his books The Ocean Rose and Forty-Four Poems in Search of A Long Black Dress
Angelo was born into a family of actors, poets, sculptors, painters and singers. Within this context, the enchantment and romance of a world filled with sensory, sensuous and sensual poetry were present from sunrise to sunset.  His insights into the flavor and spice of the human heart simmer with the delicate aroma of love both found and often lost. Join him for this very special and romantic event.

 5 Court Street   Binghamton, NY  13901

Go! Be entertained! Enjoy!

It’s free!

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5 Responses to Author/Poet Appearance

  1. -e- says:

    My grandfather moved to Binghamton from Russia in 1906… I realize that doesn’t really count since I now live in Portland Or., but at least it’s a connection…

  2. -e-,

    Did he work at the Endicott Johnson show factory?

  3. I was just going to write a comment very similar to -e-! My grandparents emigrated from Czechoslovakia and my dad was born at the EJ hospital and grew up in Binghamton!

  4. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Tanya, get out!

  5. -e- says:

    Show factory? Perhaps you mean shoe factory? in any event, no, he was 8 years old, and they moved to NYC by the time he was ready to work. It is possible his father was at the factory though..

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