Riley and Mommy’s Excellent Freaky Cat Adventure

It started out so well…


Then it got a little out of hand.

Riley expressed being overwhelmed. It was overwhelming even for me.

And it didn’t help that these guys weren’t de-clawed.

This the look of a cat, that’s fixin’ to hook it’s nails into me and climb up my skirt. Ouch!

I offered to leave but Riley decided to stay. I was glad because we’d risked life and limb in a snow storm to drive an hour to get there. Seriously, I saw a salt truck jack-knifed on the highway, and a couple of other cars off the road, and a blue car spun around in a circle and almost smacked into our side at one point. Riley sat all Mr. Magoo in the backseat, completely oblivious to the danger all around. Thank God.

Anyway…we stayed and saw so many cute cats!

Some were very friendly.

 Some, were totally unimpressed by us.

Some didn’t even bother to wake up.

Hello? You have company! Whatever.

A lot of the cats just hung around on the rafters. Like this these.

When we first came in, I noticed a grey cat up in the rafters with a funky looking eye. He was minding his own business, not bothering anyone. Riley has a thing against funky eyes, so I dodged a bullet and drew her attention elsewhere. She didn’t see it.

Until the shelter worker lady came in. She went right for the funky eyed cat, with some drops to put in his eye. But the funky eyed cat did not mean to be caught. He’s sick of people messing with his eye, and he’s scrappy too. In all the commotion, the jig was up. Riley knew a funky eye was in the room. Then, when the lady tried to pull the funky eyed cat off its perch, it sunk it’s claws into her arm deep, gashing her good, drawing big dark red splatting drops of blood the size of nickels, which dropped on the tile floor as she went out the door. No matter that they cleaned it up within seconds.   

We were done.

Funky eye, blood, and Riley. A recipe for disaster.

The good news is, she lowered her head, and went for the door but did not scream. We just did what we needed to do and left, and by the time she got to the van she was okay.

In the van she expressed concern about possibly hurting the lady’s feelings for leaving so quickly. We were only there about 1/2 hour. I told her I’d already talked to the lady (which I had) and she was fine with us leaving. I emphasized taking care of herself was the priority, and applauded her for doing an excellent job.

On the way home in an attempt to lighten it up a bit, I dubbed the day, Riley and Mommy’s Excellent Freaky Cat Adventure. Riley beamed. 

We didn’t get to learn much about how the cat sanctuary works. All I can say is the people were very nice and the cats well taken care of. If you live in NE Ohio and you want a cat, you should adopt from them.

Here are some more furry faces.



Caroline’s Kids Cat Sanctuary.

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23 Responses to Riley and Mommy’s Excellent Freaky Cat Adventure

  1. Lydia says:

    Someone has created a little piece of heaven! Oh my goodness! It reminds me of the animal shelter I’m going to start volunteering at, which has “cat colony” rooms of 10-12 cats. I loooove going in those rooms!

  2. Niksmom says:

    Holy cow! **I** would’ve been completely overwhelemed and none of those things that bother Riley bother me. Riley did amazingly well and handled her upset so beautifully.

    Clearly, the homeschooling is doing a world of good for her emotional equilibrium. So awesome.

    But, um, that pic of the orange/white cat & whit cat that looked like they wre getting ready to pounce? Reminds me of the hyenas from The Lion King. Kinda creepy.

  3. goodfountain says:

    I have a real soft spot for shelter cats. I’ve adopted from a no-kill shelter and found the place to be just wonderful.

    Sounds like a good day for you and Riley.

  4. M says:

    Aaahh! The Catpocalypse! Run!

    No, no, very cute. That’s a handsome lot there. Except for Funky Eye. That’s making me feel a little…ulp…hoo, maybe a little sick. Poor Funky Eye. I hope his medicine helps.

  5. Betty says:

    The yellow-eyed torti calico cat looks exactly like my cat except mine has a greenish yellow eye color.
    Looks like Riley had a great time.Thanks for sharing.

  6. kario says:

    I love it! My daughters would be over the moon to be in such a place and I love that you guys spent time there together.

    Way to go, Riley, taking care of yourself. Way to go, Mom, for emphasizing just that.

  7. Sally says:

    Was this a science day? I cannot imaging being with that many cats. Wow, I am overwhelmed, dogs I can do, cats, not so much. Amazing.

  8. I’m with Lydia: looks like heaven! I would not have been able to leave without at least one cat. And I already have two! They are adorable!

  9. Bonnie says:

    I could not go there cause I already have 3 and I would want more. But good for Riley!

  10. Carrie Link says:

    This made me LOL, even though it’s not the slightest big funny, “In all the commotion, the jig was up. Riley knew a funky eye was in the room.”

    And can I just point out the obvious? Oh. My. Hell. Of. God. that’s a lot of cats!

  11. Gail C. says:

    Good for you and Riley – I would have run from there screaming. BTW, I’m totally impressed that Riley’s first thoughts were of another. What a sweet girl!

  12. Kiki Golando says:

    Wow! That is a great story with Riley being able to keep her cool and take care of her anxiety so smoothly! Go, Riley! I love when that happens!

  13. Riley did so well! Nigel and I just had our last day volunteering at our local shelter for three months, and I am pleased to report that we did not adopt (another) cat!

  14. Amanda says:

    HOLY COW! No melt down, no drama, just lowered her head and out she went? Riley nailed it!! GO Riley!!

    That many cats in one room would not be good for me, but I do think cats need claws, they should be allowed to do cat stuff. How’s a cat supposed to keep your rodent population down to a dull roar with no claws?

    That one in the pink bucket looks like my Bruce!!

  15. pixiemama says:

    Riley did an awesome job handling herself!


  16. Hello
    I like cats very much and I also had a cat..Those are very good cat photographs and those photographs make me smile.Thanks for this interesting post about cat.

  17. Kim says:

    Aw, I worked at a no kill shelter in college. I love cats! Love that you two got to do something so fun! Likes like she had a great time and knew when she was getting close to the edge. Good for her!

  18. Amanda says:

    Just popped by again – can we have a caption contest? Some of those pics are just great! That first one looks like “Hello and welcome…” and the last one looks like “WHAAAAT?? You still here??”

  19. amber says:

    You make me laugh how you write. I love cats. *sigh* So does G, but I think she has an allergy to them.
    🙁 But I am with Miss R, I am against “funky eyed” cats of any kind. LOL


  20. Wanda says:

    “The good news is, she lowered her head, and went for the door but did not scream. We just did what we needed to do and left, and by the time she got to the van she was okay.”

    OMHOG! How cool is that?!

  21. Oh good Lord! Pass the tissues and the allergy meds! I’ll stick with Jingle. And maybe ONE friend. But I’m glad you guys had fun!

  22. Deb says:

    LOVE these pictures! It makes me want to go there and bring home an armload (which would not only undo my marriage, but create an issue or two for the three I already have).

    Perhaps Riley saved your marriage by needing to get out the way she did. I can’t imagine how you managed not to fall in love and “need” to take at least one home.

    What a great experience for you both.

  23. jeanie says:

    What a terrific experience you shared — and I have to admit — any blog with lots of cat photos wins my heart! Mama K sent me here and I am most enjoying your site!

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