Her Biggest Fan


Seth, upon seeing Riley’s Valentine creation she made in clay class:

“How did you do it?” he asked.

She told him in great detail, just how she rolled out the clay, laid it over a mold, used stampers and paint and glaze, etc.

He studied her dish, turned to me in awe and said,

“I’ve never seen her make anything so beautiful.”

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16 Responses to Her Biggest Fan

  1. Jenn E says:

    You are doing something right. Whoever gets that boy is a big winner!

  2. Lydia says:

    That’s so darn cute! I’ve never wanted a boy, but if I could have one like Seth, I’m all for it!

  3. Betty says:

    He’s such a good brother.

  4. Niksmom says:

    *swoon* I love that boy! And, you know, it **is** a beautiful creation. 🙂

  5. Jenny R says:

    Happy early Valentine’s day!

  6. drama mama says:

    It’s working, isn’t it?


  7. KC says:

    So awesome!

  8. Wanda says:

    I want a brother like that.

  9. Jerri says:

    You and HT made someONE beautiful in those two kids.

  10. Kim says:

    Awe, that’s so adorable! That’s a pretty neat creation too.

  11. It IS beautiful! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  12. Amanda says:

    That IS amazing – and Seth’s pretty cute too!

    Wishing you all a great Valentines weekend! 🙂

  13. hooray! beautiful valentine creation by a beautiful girl. this is a triumph in so many ways.

  14. Carrie Link says:

    He’s an HT in the making.

  15. amber says:

    Ohhhh my gosh, he is just so sweet. Can I eat him? I know he would taste like a sugar cookie.


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