Listening to the Ocean Waves

I put my headphones on, closed my eyes and for nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds listened to this:

Thoughts drifted in and out, but the waves kept calling me back. Again and again and again.

Nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds.

Not a terribly high price to pay for feeling a bit more calm.

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8 Responses to Listening to the Ocean Waves

  1. Bonnie says:

    I am on vacation and my husband was sleeping as I opened this – he asked “what’s that noise – you blowing your nose?” I am deeply insulted.

  2. Thus, the headphones Bonnie!

    Hope you are having a relaxing trip!

  3. Lydia says:

    I’ve been doing a guided imagery relaxation CD before I go to bed at night, and it’s just too darned abstract for me to be able to do it. I just get confused. I can’t imagine a cushion of energy surrounding me… I need something tangible.

    Now here’s a question. Do they make CDs with just the relaxing music on them? Like, that pretty relaxing music that plays on the CD, but with no voices? That’s what I need. I like that.

    I thought you might know.

  4. Kim says:


    Thank you.

  5. amber says:

    THANK you.


  6. r4 games says:

    I have just watched this video and its really very nice.It is like a relaxation video when you are tired..I like this type of noise when I really want to be comfortable.I like that you have shown this video to us.I like to see ocean waves.

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