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On the Mend

I have never seen Todd sick like he was on Friday. He looked frail and small. He is stoic. He never gets sick. After eight days of being sick, he agreed to go to the ER, and when he agreed … Continue reading

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Helicopter Mom

It’s not that there is a shortage of things to write about. There are always a million things going on, only a teeny portion of which ends up here on the ole blog. Finding time has been the challenge. Doing … Continue reading

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I’m a little loopy after IVIG, but Seth…he’s fine.

Seth had his third IVIG infusion today and it went well.¬†Todd made sure to get the morning off so he was there for moral support. We went at a slower rate, and even had to slow that down when I … Continue reading

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Do No Harm (Phenergan IV Push)

Since Seth’s bad reaction to his IVIG I have tried to get in contact with the doctor who ordered it. He was not there the day of the reaction. Another doctor was on call. I wanted to make sure he … Continue reading

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