Happy Birthday to Seth

He did it. He turned ten.

He was the best baby. The most precious toddler. The sweetest preschool guy. He’s a joy. He’s a happy person. He is a light. He has more patience than any adult I know. He has insight you wouldn’t believe. He looks for the good in people, and finds it. He’s quick to forgive. He abhors the idea of hurting anyone. He’s sensitive and compassionate. He is Lego and MJ and Chihuahua. He is growing and changing and figuring out more of who he is every day.

Thank you God for the opportunity to be his mom. How’d I get so lucky?

Happy Birthday Little Man!

We love you more than you can fathom.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Seth

  1. I welled up with this one… cuz the little I know of Seth is just what you said..sweet sweet boy… sweet Mom… Happy Birthday Seth!!!

  2. Happy, happy day, Seth! Lola nearly cried when she turned 10 because she said she always wants to be a kid. I told her that was fine with me.

    Hope you all had a terrific day.