She Can Do Anything!

In June, I posted this, about Riley facing her fear of deep water and also conquering the dratted climbing structure that had been the baneĀ of our existence for years.

In the post I asked, “What’s next, riding a bike?”




Don’t mind if she do.

I came home from chorus yesterday to a girl who could ride a bike. Easy.

She’d been a bike rider for oh, say, five hours when she said, “Now I can do a triathlon someday.”

And her daddy and I said, “Baby, yes you can!”

15 thoughts on “She Can Do Anything!

  1. Our hearts are so full of happiness for all of you!! It seems like everyday is a new beginning. Truly wonderful……..

    Lots of love

  2. Hooray, Riley!!!
    (BTW I don’t think I told you there’s little tribute to Seth in Stella #3. I have to send you a copy. If I ever get to the post office…I will…one day…I promise.)

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