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In my last post, I mentioned the author Gayle Forman, whose book If I Stay depicts the journey of a teenage girl who is in a coma. Throughout the book she is deciding if she will stay and live, or if she will … Continue reading

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I coulda’ been a contender… @$&#*!!

Recently I received this in a blog comment: Hi Michelle – My name is Nathan and I am a producer creating a documentary for The History Channel on the history of cursing / swearing. I loved your 2006 article about … Continue reading

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In the morning, she’ll be ten.

The next time she opens her eyes, she will be ten. Ten years ago, her nursery was ready. Jungle animals and vines, monkeys hanging from the ceiling. We’d poured all our nervous excitement into her room. We didn’t know she … Continue reading

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New Glasses

  I had no idea how big my pores were   getting…and why had no one let me in on the little nose hair issue I had going on? All I’m sayin’.   Better grooming through improved vision. Who’s with me?

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I had an experience at church on Sunday…

The love of God is loving me and resting in the love of God I know that all is well.                                                                    -Rickie Byars-Beckwith   Sunday I got to bring my sister to church! She’s a Unity person too, though the … Continue reading

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