Still Twenty Days Older

From second grade through junior high, I had a dear friend. We were pretty much inseparable. I was twenty days older than her and I loved to rub that fact in her face. For twenty whole days, I was ten while she was still nine. I was 11 while she was still 10. And so on. That’s how I rolled.

She moved away and we lost touch and I have always missed her.

Last week, I found her. (Praise Google from whom all blessings flow).

Today is my birthday. I can’t think of a better gift than knowing where she is and how she is doing. Call me happy.

8 thoughts on “Still Twenty Days Older

  1. The good part of Google, for sure. Happy Birthday and I hope you have a really good day. XO

  2. Happy Birthday, Michelle. May your next year be filled with possibilities for growth in the human spirit and may your fine book sell well and reach a wide audience.


  3. Happy, happy day! I have a friend like that, too, although I suspect that since we are turning 40 this year, she will gloat more than I. Lucky for me, I don’t care about my age (except that I’m grateful to no longer be an adolescent).

    And, just because I can’t resist a soapbox, I’m happy that you found your friend, but I’m giving up on Google thanks to their recent turn to the dark, er, GOP-side. Bing is officially my friend now that they don’t co-sponsor candidates with Fox News or donate to the Heritage Foundation.

  4. Can’t believe I missed your birthday! Cake will be made and candles will be blown – maybe I’ll just do it 20 days late in honour of your post…

    Hope you had a great day!!