Life Long Learner

When I was fifteen, my mother had twin boys. I adored them. When they hit school age, one of my brothers had a learning disability. School was not easy for him. One day when he was really little, my mother was going over his work and pulled out a worksheet which was checked with lots of red marks from his teacher. My heart hurt for him. I was ready to give him a pep talk, when he looked up at our mom and beamed,

“Mom! Look how many I got right!”

I am taking an on-line class right now, and in all my crazy business of getting my book out, I missed an email telling me the details and all the assignments, so I am a couple of weeks behind. Nothing I can’t catch up with but I’m not feeling like my usual straight A self.  I’d been getting some emails from the instructor, but nothing too meaty, and I was waiting, waiting, for the class to really kick in. Little did I know it had kicked in, without me!

Today, while I learn from my mishaps, let me focus on what I’m doing right. My intention with the class is to really learn. It is not to go gangbusters for the A.

I’ll be spending the day, joyfully catching up. Appreciative there is always so much to learn.

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6 Responses to Life Long Learner

  1. amber says:

    Oooh, what class??


  2. Carrie Link says:

    ‘atta girl! (Now tell me ELD about the class.)

  3. kario says:

    What a sweet story! I hope your brother still has that attitude about himself and I’m glad it taught you something.

    Have fun with your class!

  4. Sandi Babbitt says:

    I loved your brother’s positive attitude about himself. That says a lot for his role models, at home, and possibly even at school.

    Good for you to be taking this class to learn something . . . we should all take that approach and forgive ourselves for not being perfect A students. (Although I’m with you, that’s the only grade I ever wanted!)

  5. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, I found your brother’s spontaneous joy so heartwarming. That’s the attitude I’d like to bring to life–half full, not half empty. What a model he was for you.

    For some reason–unknown right now–you started your class late. All will be revealed as the weeks pass. Perhaps this will be the best learning experience of your life.


  6. Jamie says:

    A FANTASTIC way to look at it!

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