Jingle’s tail has seen better days. The week before last at homeschool co-op, she was sitting on her mat, minding her own business, hoping some kid would drop a sandwich at lunch, when all hell broke loose.

Someone walked by, and she wagged her tail happily in response. When she did this, her tail swooped under a radiator, and came back out with a gluey gooey mousetrap, about the size of a car license plate, attached.

Jingle freaked and started spinning in a circle, trying to get away from it. I tried to get the trap off of her, but it was stuck tight. My fingers were getting covered in gooey glue. It was disgusting. So much for lunch.

Thankfully, Melinda had scissors with her (some homeschool moms are so prepared). I had to cut the trap off and in the process cut Jingle’s big fluffy tail, way down. Where she used to have a beautiful fan, she now has a nub.

She’s so embarrassed.

If you see her, be cool. Pretend not to notice.

And to any mice in the big old church building where co-op is held?

You’re welcome.

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5 Responses to Nubby

  1. Meg says:

    Poor Jingle! I share her pain, having had many bad haircuts in my life.

  2. Rocket sends sympathy to Jingle. Aaa-Roooo.

  3. Sandi Babbitt says:

    Poor, sad Jingle! I gasped when I read the trap part. How awful for Jingle, and for any animal. (You too when you had to remove it!)

    Thank goodness for the handy scissors!

  4. kario says:

    I’m so glad it was a gluey trap and not a clamp! Poor dear. She’s lovely from the inside out.

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