Random Snapshots

Friday, the alarm woke me up and I stumbled into the bathroom. Riley was already in there, brushing her teeth. I grabbed my toothbrush and joined her, me in boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. She in her pj’s. She spit in the sink, looked up at us in the mirror for a long moment and said, “We look like zombies.”

It’s true. We did. Hair everywhere. Puffy faces. Especially me.


She came home from school happy, three days in a row. It was a getting to know you/getting to know the school time. Next week actual academics start. It’s been a wonderful re-entry into school for her thus far. She loves the organizational part of school. She likes her agenda, having me sign it, being responsible.


It’s strange for Jingle, Riley being at school. She greets her when she gets home tail wagging in big full circles, sniffing her up and down. She’s never had Riley leave by herself to go anywhere. Both kids went to camp, but Jingle didn’t greet her so wholeheartedly and thoroughly when they got home everyday from that. I wonder if she felt Riley was safely protected by Seth while at camp? I wonder if she just smells all the school smells. Jingle’s function is so different now than when we first got her. Riley rarely has a meltdown anymore. Still, it’s sweet to see them eat each other up when Riley walks through the door.


I got a book in the mail I can’t remember ordering. I don’t remember winning it. I don’t recall agreeing to review it? No note. It came straight from the publisher. Not from Amazon, or from an Amazon re-seller. It’s called Goodbye for Now by Laurie Frankel. It’s fiction. It’s cute so far. Any ideas why I have it here? Refresh my memory if I stumbled across it on someone else’s blog and sleep ordered it? Anyone?


Seth woke up with a sore throat last week and his tics are flaring right now. Yesterday we went to a doctor of Chinese medicine. He’s got poor Seth drinking nasty tasting tea twice a day, and ingesting another awful tasting powder we mix in honey.  I ordered blank gelatin capsules to at least spare him that part but they aren’t here yet. I’m having to be firm, or Seth will whine for an hour before taking it. Seth sat on my lap in the doctor’s tiny office. The doctor listened to Seth’s lungs and looked in his throat and up his nose and while he did this I closed my eyes and silently blessed this man, as he endeavored to help our boy.


Few things as glorious as long leisurely conversations with girlfriends. I had two this week. Lucky lucky me.


Todd and I start spooned, I get too hot and flip on my side facing him. He takes my hand and I pull his hand to my lips and kiss it. He pulls mine to his lips and kisses it. Often enough, we fall asleep holding hands, facing each other. If you looked at it from an aerial view it’d seem we’re about to arm wrestle in our dreams.

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9 Responses to Random Snapshots

  1. Carrie Link says:


    (And no help whatsoever on the mysterious book. I guess Mary wants you to read it.)

  2. Michelle O'Neil says:

    HT read this and mentioned that his arm is always in the winning position of our arm wrestle. See what I live with?

  3. So much in this post — such beautiful writing and random evocative thoughts. I love it.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and sending energy in this vast universe that the Chinese doctor will help your boy.

  4. Chris V. says:

    Is this the black black stuff Sethy has to drink? If it is, my heart is with him…I done it..So happy about Riley… glad you got to have fun chatting with girlfriends. So sorry I wasn’t one of them…

  5. naomi says:

    I like your random snapshots. xo

  6. Amber says:

    Oh, I like this post so much. A moment in the life.

    Can’t Jingle go with R? At the kids school, we have a teacher who has a service dog that senses coming seizures. A sweet little dog that I thought looked a lot like your Jingle, only all black, named Apple. I saw her at the 6th grade orientation, and she looked from across a crowded gym and saw Georgia. She crossed through the crowd, and came right to lean against G! Georgia looked at me and said, “she can smell seizures and good Dog People.” lol 🙂

  7. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, thank you for sharing these “random thoughts.” I so hope Seth gets some help and I’m so glad that all is going well for Riley! Peace.

  8. Meg says:

    “Dear Abby” talks about pennies from heaven; you got a book from heaven, I guess!

  9. kario says:

    Love it! Now I know I’m not the only one who looks like a zombie in the morning and who gets too hot to spoon.

    I hope Seth finds relief soon and I love that Riley is enjoying school so much.

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