Two New Blogs to Love

It’s All About Me. It’s All About Me, is all about Chris Vartorella. She is a friend from chorus. She is hilarious. She’s an actress and she has performed with Dancing Wheels, an amazing local dance troupe which features those with disabilities. She broke her back thirty years ago, and was told she’d never walk. But she walks. She lives in chronic pain from her injury, but she spends her time making everyone else laugh. She also spends her time stalking Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and Cheryl Richardson, and has somehow managed to personally interact with all of them. Her blog posts will crack you up, and sometimes make you cry.

Marginal Considerations is the bouncing baby blog of Jan C. Snow. I’ve written about her here, when she was ¬†teaching Riley to knit, and she is the composer in this post¬†which seemed to resonate with many of you. She is a writer, artist, musician, dance critic, with talents too vast to mention. And yet, you have to dig to find out about all that. She isn’t pretentious. She is appreciated for her humorous radio commentary, also called Marginal Considerations on WCLV, the classical music station here in Cleveland.


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  1. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle,
    Thanks for sharing these two blogs. I’m always looking for writing that touches my life, makes me laugh, starts the little gray cell cogitating. Peace, Dee

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