What’s the Best Case Scenario?

Tonight I was feeling antsy. Not quite in a funk, but teetering, despite my best efforts to stay positive. I needed to get outside. We went to a park and as the sun went down we watched herons and the kids did some swinging and some climbing. It was just the thing. Fresh air. Trees, glorious trees. Cleveland is good for that. It is so very green this time of year.

Riley knocked our socks off, climbing what used to be the bane of my existence. She went higher tonight than she’d ever climbed before, and while there were kids half her age who made it to the very top, she was proud of herself, and not concerned with them. Not a tear was shed, though I almost lost a few happy ones. I was telling my friend Cindy yesterday about this blessing. This getting to be full out stoked about the seemingly smallest things. This never taking anything for granted which comes with having a kid on the spectrum. I’ve come to appreciate living life this way.

It should be noted that Seth made it to the top for the first time this evening. He’s always been a little scared of heights, not panicky, but not adventurous. Look at him up there, proud as a peacock (and hello cute little redheaded dude, whoever you are).

I was listening to an archived service at The Agape International Spiritual Center today, and Rev. Michael Beckwith posed the question, “What is the best case scenario?” In any situation….he advised us to ask this. I was surprised how many times today, I tried to ask the question, and my brain could barely go there. It was difficult to stay focused on the best case scenario outcome. Worst case was somehow easier to imagine.

Flip it.

So…I’m feeling a little funky. Nothing is exactly wrong,….but what is the best case scenario for this evening?

We go to the park and enjoy the sun going down together, and breathe in some nice fresh air in the hour before bedtime, and wind up having a good evening. And we did.

Super climber girl with excellent coping? She was just icing on the cake.

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7 Responses to What’s the Best Case Scenario?

  1. KFuller says:

    You are healing your girl. Mind…Body…and Soul.

  2. Tanya Savko says:

    Gorgeous. I feel like I was there. And I love the “best case scenario” idea – I definitely need to start doing that! xo

  3. Chris V. says:

    Wow.. the pix are really saying so much…. what a great way to live.. to be “full out stoked” about it ALL!!!!

  4. naomi says:

    Fantastic! Yesterday I had a little tree time too!
    I LOVE that question. I’ve been asking it today and it’s a much better direction for my mind to head in, if only so that I can remember what I am hoping for, so thank you! Riley and Seth are growing in so many beautiful ways. XO

  5. amber says:

    Aaahhhhh Yeeeahh!!


  6. Amanda says:

    Oh yes, the thought that it could actually go right, that so often gets crowded out with the negetive risk assessing “what if?” we autism parents do all the time. Thanks for the reminder that there is an option for it to be a good experience!!

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