Organic Learning

Riley woke up this morning with two questions:

1) Does my hair look like a rat’s nest?

2) Do rats really have nests?

And so we’re studying the habitats of rats today.

And Riley is writing more of her graphic novel.

And Seth is playing. As in…he’s conceptualizing a play, involving Harry Potter characters dressed in Star Wars costumes. There are lasers and catapults and hang gliders and crashes.

After lunch we’re off to homeschool music class, for rhythms and dance. It’s a “typical” class, in a room that’s kind of like a small auditorium. Last week was the first week, and ten years into this game, I got to sit in the audience, like all the other moms. I didn’t have to be “room mom.” Code for one on one aide.

Riley had one anxious moment, but she asked to “pass” on her turn, and then got right back in. I didn’t have to intervene. Both kids had so much fun.

The better it gets, the better it gets.

We learn, learn, learn as we go.

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9 Responses to Organic Learning

  1. amber says:

    This makes me smile. It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun homeschooling!
    Go you, mom. You are a goddess.


  2. naomi says:

    Fun! We had a great time this morning watching “spider boy’ on the national geographic kids site…OK, I couldn’t watch, but Adam loved it!

  3. mom says:

    And the learning never ends until we take our last breath. How awesome it is that we can learn.

  4. kario says:

    Love those moments where the kids almost teach themselves. And I love getting to learn new stuff right alongside them. Glad you got to sit back and watch music class. What a milestone!

  5. Amanda says:

    Oh crap! Now you’ve started writing and I’ve started reading again and now I’m getting those niggles about hoem schooling Bear and then the vomiting fear of actually doing it and what it would mean follows and I get so twisted up about the whole thing.

  6. Amanda says:

    Should also add, having sorted child, that it’s great you make me think about it. And I love reading about your highs lows and experiences of it I just don’t know how I would get anything else done aside from schooling Bear.

  7. Liz says:

    So happy to read about your happiness (if that makes sense). And so, so happy to see you writing again!

  8. Carrie Link says:

    Stealing, “The better it gets, the better it gets.”

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