She Loves Me

Last night I snuck away into the bedroom to read for a bit. Riley came in to say goodnight and snuggled under the covers with me for a moment. We decided to say her prayers right there, rather than wait to go into her room.

My dreams will be happy and joyful.

I am loved.

I am healthy, loving and wise.

God helps me know what to do.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day.

Thank you God.


We talked about her “happy thoughts” from the day, as I stroked her hair.

There were many happy thoughts.

When she got done listing them, she nestled her head down deeper into my shoulder, sighed, and said,

“I love you.”

In ten years it was the first time she ever said it first.

12 thoughts on “She Loves Me

  1. It must be so precious to hear, outloud, what her heart has been saying since the beginning.

  2. Thrilled for you – and Riley. I’m still waiting for it to progress beyond needing “say love you” for my two but the hugs I get say it so much better than words… still great to hear tho’. 🙂

  3. When it was time, she said it. Wonderful.
    Devin was in his 20s before he would say that to me (in words). And now he never hangs up the phone or leaves me without saying “Love you, Moms.” It was worth the wait.

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Hello, I’m a new reader, found you from… I don’t even remember (the internet is funny like that)… somewhere on the autism mom circuit I imagine (yep, I’m one, too). your children are lovely and I’m enjoying reading you. I certainly understand why you needed to take a break, but I’m glad you started blogging again so I could get to know you.