Picky Eating Solutions

“It’s not so much that healthy food is expensive as much as fake food is cheap.”

-Betsy Hicks


My friend Betsy’s book is out on Amazon today! 

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Betsy is mom to three beautiful children, one profoundly affected by autism. She has counseled thousands of families on special diets, and has given presentations on nutrition all over the world.

This book is not a “special diet” book however. It is about getting back to the basics of healthy eating, and strategies to get your picky eaters to try new foods(even if they are already teenagers)! It is full of wonderful advice, real life scenarios, and information on making small, non-overwhelming changes, tips on what utensils and cookware to have on hand and how to stock your kitchen. You can read it in just a day or two, and start to make small changes which will make a big impact on the health of your family.

It is not “Food,Inc.” scary. Pinky swear.

Betsy’s writing is so engaging, reading her book is like sitting down and chatting with a good (non-judgemental) friend.  

I thought I already knew a lot, but I learned so much from Picky Eating Solutions, and implemented some of the “solutions”  before I even finished the book. The sub-title is: Bringing the Joy of Real Food Back to the Table. That’s exactly what this book will help you do.  

Order it on Amazon or through Elementals Living here.   

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7 Responses to Picky Eating Solutions

  1. graceonline says:

    Oh darn! I went to Amazon so I could search inside and see an excerpt or two, but the publisher hasn’t enabled that feature. I hope they change their mind soon, as I’d love to read a couple of pages before buying.

    From your description, I’d say this looks like just the book I’ve been waiting for.

  2. “strategies to get your picky eaters to try new foods(even if they are already teenagers)” – I so need this book!

  3. Amanda says:

    Love the quote!

    A woman after my own heart, real food…yum!

  4. DEFINITELY have to look this one up! Sounds fascinating!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Boy, do we need this. I can’t wait to see what she has to say. Thanks!

  6. amber says:

    That is a GREAT way to say it, and think about food! I love that.


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