Runnin’ on Faith



This is the Dr. Seuss house Riley made in clay class. I aged ten years during its construction.  

Here we are on the way to her art show yesterday.




Here she is at her art show. Adorable, right? That she is. And sweet as the day is long. I’d give a limb to rid her of the anxiety that tortures her so.



Ah….clay class.

In 14 years of knowing HT, I’d heard him say the F word exactly once.

But there is a second time for everything.

He accompanied her to clay class last week, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Three more classes and the session is over. We’ll be taking a little break. Riley doesn’t respond well to valium, but mama might try it.

What else? What else? Oh…despite the fact that our date got canceled, we decided to have a lovely romantic evening at home on HT’s birthday after we tucked the kids into bed. 

I changed the living room into a restaurant, (because c’mon, I wasn’t about to clear off the dining room table) ordered take-out, put in a few restaurant-ish CD’s, and hit “shuffle.”  Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton. Billy Joel, Luther Vandross and for the life of me I can’t remember the fifth.


ht bd


















We sat down to eat in candlelight. 

“This is just as wonderful as a restaurant,” I said, taking my first bite.  

And HT, with a “How you doin’?” look said, “Even better.”

We smiled at each other.

And right at that moment, we heard a wicked wretch from upstairs. Seth threw up again.



He made it to the toilet that time, so clean up was a breeze. We got him settled back into bed, and soon we were back on our date.




















We even got to do some things we wouldn’t have if we’d gone out, like slow dance to Eric Clapton’s Running on Faith, and sing Only the Good Die Young (you Catholic boys start much too late) as we danced in our living room. I mean, we could have done all those things had we gone out, but it would have looked weird.

Today, all is well. Seth feels better. We had a cake for HT (couldn’t do it yesterday with Seth being ill).

Riley is breathing easy.  

You see, she’d been worried sick not enough had been made of her Dad’s birthday.

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13 Responses to Runnin’ on Faith

  1. Courtney says:

    Your family is so fabulous, and I LOVE you in braids!

  2. drama mama says:

    It’s what parents do, right?

    Yeah. Clay class. We had the Girls Chorus. Just walk away, Renee. Give it a breather.

    You’ll love what unfolds.


  3. Carrie Link says:

    Any post with two Carrie-isms is a f-ing good post!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to HT! I think one of the boys was puking on my birthday, too!

    P.S. I LOVE Riley’s house!

  5. amber says:

    HAPPY BirthDAAY to your Good Man!!

    It sounds fun, other than the bit-o-barf. But look how ya’ roll wit’it. Badass.

    …how can a person live without using the eff word more than that? To me, the eff word is like…breathing. HAHA

    I love LOVE Riley’s house. That is really cute!


  6. Michelle O'Neil says:

    That not enough has been made of Carrie-isms is enough to worry someone sick.

    ; )

  7. Courtney says:

    OK, that last comment (yours, Michelle) had me laughing out loud!

  8. Kim says:

    I LOVE her house (and you in braids!) She did a great job!

  9. graceonline says:

    Charming house, Miss Riley! Congratulations on completing it, and so beautifully.

    Slow dancin’ to Clapton. Mmmmm. Don’t you love that one of the hottest rocker dudes ever has to push his glasses up on his nose like the rest of us?

    Happy belated birthday, HT! And as always, wishing you more strength, rest and R&R however you want to take it, Michelle.

  10. Michelle O'Neil says:

    I did note Mr. Clapton’s glasses on the video, and wondered why he had them on. Was he having a problem with his contact lenses? Were they merely a fashion statement? Would he like me to stand beside him and push them up on an as needed basis? I’d do it for art.

    : )

  11. Sally says:

    Tell Riley I love her Dr. Seuss house, its so very cool, and Dr. Seussy. You continue to amaze me with what you get accomplished. I had that nasty flu last Monday, and if Margs gets it, I may throw myself off the roof. Hoping none of it for Riley.

    huggaroos, and Happy BD to Todd.

  12. Jerri says:

    Riley’s house looks like a happy home.

    Smart girl.

    Not enough CAN be made of home where one partner creates a candlelit b-day dinner for the other and sets up music for slow dancing in the living room.

  13. Amanda says:

    Now that’s what I call multitasking!!

    dinner restaurant style/sick nurse

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