Blonds Have More Fun

So if I’m going to do reviews, I have to come up with a way to make it worth your while to read them. What kind of friend would I be just to steer you over to the review page to force you to read an ad.  I know no one can force us to do anything, but you get what I mean.

Should I promise an inspirational quote with each review? A juicy something or other on law of attraction? Should I divulge something embarrassing about myself? Or better yet, something embarrassing about HT? Perhaps a photo of HT? Perhaps a photo of HT doing something embarrassing?

I’ve got to figure out my angle here. Until then, I give you… 

taking one for the team taking one for the team

*click on the photo for the back story

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3 Responses to Blonds Have More Fun

  1. Stagmom says:

    SCARY!! Love the new blog, Milonka. Looks great!

  2. GoMama says:

    That’s one hot HT!

  3. Amanda says:

    Gotta love ‘im!

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