We got back from Mexico the day before Thanksgiving. The trip was a gift from my dear friend Clarissa who died last year after a long illness. She was always the most generous person. I miss her. We brought her picture with us and put it in a prominent place at every hotel. On our trip, we celebrated her life.

One of the places we stayed had a rooftop pool, and at night we would go up there and look at the stars, and wave our hands and say, “Thank you Clarissa!”

We spent a couple of nights in Playa del Carmen. It is a relatively new island town, and it is very relaxed. Gorgeous beaches you can walk for miles on.

And when we got tired, we rested.

No phone. No internet. No distractions.

From Playa del Carmen we went to Cozumel for the main draw of our trip. Dolphin therapy. We stayed at a very old, no frills, but very clean and charming hotel. It was on the second floor, right over the main tourist strip. It was nice because we could people watch but not be down in the thick of it which could be quite the sensory experience during the busier times. We also had a gorgeous view of the water.

Hola! Coffee shop right below. Score!

Culture shock. No helicopter parents in Mexico!

Look closer…mom on back. Baby in hand. No big deal. That’s how families get around there.

Next post more about the dolphins. Happy weekend everyone.

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14 Responses to Mexico

  1. Kirsten says:

    The first picture above, of Riley and Seth bounding into the ocean, should be enlarged to the biggest size you can get it and placed prominently in your home. It’s amazing! So glad you all got to take this wonderful trip together.

  2. naomi says:

    Yay! The pictures are so beautiful. I agree with Kristin, you should be able to see the first one everyday. I’m so happy that your family had this time to enjoy together. What a wonderful gift from Clarissa.

  3. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs with us–and yes, I agree with Naomi and Kirsten about the first one. It needs to claim a prominent place in your home.

    What a wonderful gift your friend gave you. I look forward to learning about the Dolphin Therapy.


  4. KFuller says:

    This whole post and picture’s made me teary….no idea why!

  5. amber says:

    I thought the same thing! Blow that picture of pure childhood JOY up! I love it.
    I can’t wait to hear about the rest, because this looks amazing so far. I was also blown away by the parenting culture shock while in Mexico. lol! Isn’t that funny? It’s almost like they all parent like, well, OUR parents! LOL!


  6. Susan Levy says:

    Beautiful pics. Sounds like a dream vacation!

  7. Fran says:

    What a victory for Riley! She has gotten zoo tall. Miss you guys.

  8. Michelle O'Neil says:

    Amber, too funny!

  9. -e- says:

    how nice to check in and find a joyous post, full of beautiful pictures. Yes, the first is spectacular, but the one that really got me? You and Riley napping, peaceful, entwined, in love.

  10. Leah says:

    Your trip looks amazing! Sounds so relaxing and a nice break from technology and the like of the U.S. Welcome back!

  11. Kathy Sullivan says:

    Clarissa’s gift to you has impacted more souls than she could have imagined. She must have been a wonderful friend. Thank you Clarissa.

  12. Amanda says:

    -e- that was the one that got to me too – a vision of peacefulness and love, whilst the first one is vibrant rock music and total joyous abandonment 🙂

  13. kario says:

    I love it! I am inspired to save enough money so that when I die I can give such a gift to a family who will thoroughly appreciate it. So glad you were able to spend this time together.


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