All you unmarried gals, see what you’re missing?

Drying off from my shower, HT is stretched out on the bed. We’re chatting, all light hearted when I catch a glimpse of toes. His toenails specifically.

“Your toenails are atrocious, and they’re a hazard,” I scowl.

“A hazard to whom?” he feigns innocence.

“To me.”

“They’re not a hazard.”

“You’re not the one having to go to the ER for stitches.”

“You haven’t needed stitches.” He chuckles, then adds, “Yet.”

Swear to God, he’s sleeping in socks tonight.

7 thoughts on “All you unmarried gals, see what you’re missing?

  1. Just laughing here. Unmarried people don’t know the half of it do they? I know a guy years ago who joked that he got married so he would not have to keep holding his stomach in. LOL.

  2. Dear Michelle, as an unmarried and unattached women, all I can say is, “There’s a world of happenings that I’m totally–and thankfully–unaware of!”

    Peace. Dee