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Mrs. W.

Mrs. W. was the lunch lady at my elementary school. She was mean and everyone hated her. She was obese, with a softball sized goiter and a severe hunchback. Her eyes bugged out in that unattended thyroid kind of way. … Continue reading

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Speed Demon

Seth is a “typical” volunteer in Riley’s therapeutic dance class. While much of the class focuses on Riley, he also gets his time to shine. In this video he was pouring it on thick, because there was a photography student … Continue reading

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Boy Gets Painter Out of Pickle!

The other day we pulled into the driveway to find the guy who is painting our house in the back of his pick-up, trying to jimmy his lock open with a wire. It wutn’t workin.’ He was really stressing out. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel like such a boob

What is it about this moment that is so delicious? I’m in my office. Todd has taken the kids with him to get groceries. It is quiet. It is the first moment of solitude I’ve been able to carve out … Continue reading

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