Sometimes I feel like such a boob

What is it about this moment that is so delicious?

I’m in my office. Todd has taken the kids with him to get groceries. It is quiet. It is the first moment of solitude I’ve been able to carve out in two weeks. I’m sitting in a chaise, laptop on my lap, and the sun is making a spotlight beam with dust flakes dancing through it. My office is a mess. Papers on the floor. Not such a mess though that I couldn’t get it together in twenty minutes. Lived in, not completely run over.

I like this space. It is mine, entirely mine. A pink oxford shirt hangs over my desk chair. Odd because I don’t usually wear that style, a bit preppy for my taste, but there it is. I was cold and pulled it out of my closet that day and it’s been hanging there for a couple of weeks.

Two plaster casts of my pregnancies sit atop the highest book shelf in my room. What was I thinking making sculptures of my enormous belly and boobs? Why didn’t HT stop me? I was watching A Baby Story on TLC a lot and everyone was doing it, so there you go. It was so important to me at the time, and felt so artsy, and now it just seems hilarious.

Makes me wonder, what am I taking so damn seriously now, that will be comical to me in ten years?

Lighten up, baby.

That’s my motto for today.

When I feel anxious, I’m just going to think about my boobs-o-plaster, and tell myself, this too shall pass.

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6 Responses to Sometimes I feel like such a boob

  1. Kathi says:

    Okay, now I will also be thinking about your boobs/belly plaster cast!! Lighten up, indeed, I need that on a poster over my desk. Thanks for the laugh. It’s so true isn’t it, what we label as important and/or emergencies we can later (thank God) hopefully laugh about.

  2. Susan Levy says:

    Now I’m sorry I didn’t take a plaster cast of my pregnant belly. But yours is gorgeous!

  3. Amanda says:

    Now, you may wish I didn’t share this with you, but I’m thinking why didn’t I do that plaster cast thing? Then when I feel fat I can look at it and realise actually I’m not doing so badly despite what my mother may think… The mess is in my head, the chaos is in the house but there are 612 miles between us again. Tomorrow will be good

  4. Carrie Link says:

    YAMH (and you weren’t wearing the right bra at the time).

  5. kario says:

    I wanted to have the casts made, but never seemed to do it. I love that you did it, but I also love your perspective. Amazing how we get so caught up in some things from time to time.

  6. Kim says:

    this just made me giggle! and wonder…do you ever put the casts on?

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