Girls On the Run, Albuquerque

“At Girls on the Run I’ve learned more about being nicer, and health, and discovering what makes you unique. It makes me feel happy when I’m running and it’s also a fun experience.”
                                             – Riley, 10 years old

Last year, the planets aligned and my dear, longtime friend and sometimes roommate Kathleen who lives in Albuquerque, found herself in Cleveland with her husband, to care for her little niece, while her sister was in a wedding. Still with me?

While she was here, Kathleen attended Girls on the Run with us and became inspired, which is really cool, because it’s not exactly like she’s a warm & fuzzy touchy feely person. No offense, Lardna (we both call each other Lardna, don’t ask).   

Well guess what? She’s starting a Girls on the Run program in Albuquerque! Albuequerque is a hard city for kids. Poverty is rampant. Girls there especially need Girls On the Run.

Kathleen is in the process of fund raising to get her group up and running. If Riley has ever inspired you, and if you feel called to do so, please consider donating any amount (even five bucks) in her honor to help start the Albuquerque program. 

Here is Lardna’s fundraising letter. If you donate, not only will you be helping girls in New Mexico, but I’m betting Kathleen will let you call her Lardna too.

Hi Friends!

“At Girls on the Run I’ve learned more about being nicer, and health, and discovering what makes you unique. It makes me feel happy when I’m running and it’s also a fun experience.”
                                                    – Riley, 10 years old

Was this how you felt about being 10 years old? Probably not many of us can say it was . . . but we wish it had been.

Riley has participated in Girls on the Run in Cleveland for the past 2 years. As a member of the Steering Committee to start a chapter of Girls on the Run® in Bernalillo County, I’m committed to helping girls locally share her experience. But we can’t do it alone – we need your financial support.

Founded in 1996, Girls on the Run “combines an interactive curriculum and running to inspire self-respect and healthy lifestyles” for girls in grades 3 to 8. Our goal is to provide girls with the tools to make positive decisions in their lives, improving critical adolescent concerns such as body image, eating attitudes and self-esteem.
The program curriculum teaches life skills, incorporating running games and workouts. The girls learn to give to others through a community service project, and the program ends with a celebratory 5K running event.

Our girls are counting on us. Maia (age 11) of Albuquerque can’t wait to join the program, saying, “I would like the chance to be active and make new friends while not being afraid to be myself.”  Please help Maia share Riley’s positive experience.

Warm regards,

Kathleen (aka Lardna)

P.S. – Please send your donation TODAY. To meet the national organization’s requirements, we must act quickly and raise $2500 by September 1st of this year. Every dollar counts! You can donate online at THANK YOU in advance for your support!

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  1. Wanda says:

    I’m askin’–


  2. KC says:

    You’re awesome, Lardna! And anyone can me whatever you want if you give 🙂

  3. Michelle O'Neil says:


    Dessert in a Thai restaurant we used to go to in DC. We never did order it because we always felt too “Lardna” after eating so much at our meals.

    She also likes to call her friends, “Chum,” as in bloody fish guts.

    And she doesn’t like feet. She’s afraid of them. She especially doesn’t like to be woken up, by a morning person roomie, who walks in her room and sticks a bare foot in her face to do it.

    Enough? Or shall I keep going?

  4. Jenny R says:

    Michelle, I was just thinking of you today and admiring you from afar for the various ways you are so supportive of people. Then checked your blog and saw this. Ever considered a career in fundraising? You seem to have a gift for it!

  5. My pal and I had been just discussing this particular article, she actually is normally trying to prove me completely wrong! I am about to present her this particular write-up and additionally rub it in a little!

  6. Carrie Link says:

    Keep going (in response to your question to Wanda).

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