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One small request…

We don’t watch much TV. Tivo has basically given up on us and only tapes kid shows. But this week, in the hotel, it’s trash TV central. We were watching the Joy Behar show last night. The topic was divorce.¬†High … Continue reading

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Wanda Sykes

¬† A couple of nights ago I was busy typing away and HT was watching TV. He kept laughing, then roaring, then chortling, then giggling. He went into the cat trying to cough up a fur ball. He did it … Continue reading

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Hot Toddy

Not enough has been made of HT lately. He’s worked so hard on this website, and he also made a great to-do over my birthday last weekend. He made me Robert Duvall’s mother’s crab cakes, and also a cherry cheesecake … Continue reading

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