Wanda Sykes


A couple of nights ago I was busy typing away and HT was watching TV. He kept laughing, then roaring, then chortling, then giggling. He went into the cat trying to cough up a fur ball. He did it all.

It was the Wanda Sykes HBO special. We don’t have HBO at home. It’s a big treat. 

Last night when I got home from the mom’s night out, it was on again and this time I watched it. Almost peed my pants. CRYING laughing. Stomach hurting. Spit take laughing.  She went there, and did not hold back. Todd and I have, like, three years worth of new catch phrases.

Oh Wanda.

Thank you. I needed that.

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6 Responses to Wanda Sykes

  1. Susan Hendrickson says:

    She really is a riot.

  2. jess wilson says:

    dang, we gave up hbo 🙁 netflickable?

  3. fullsoul says:

    No idea Jess.

  4. drama mama says:

    We gave up HBO too, though I have a gay with HBO.

    Party at his house?

    BTW, he’s watched this 4 times already!

  5. Wanda says:

    Gotta watch out for those Wandas.

  6. fullsoul says:

    Yes Drama. Party at your gay’s house. A MUST!

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