Some Things I Like About My Husband

1) He fixes my Kindle when it freezes up.

2) He often fills up my gas tank without me asking (I would never ask…I know how to fill up my own tank…but it is nice when he does it).

3)He gives me as much space as I need and I never feel him pining away for me when I’m holed out in my little office, but he’s happy to see me when I return.

4) He gets what I do. Truly gets it. Appreciates it. Validates it. I mostly don’t even know what the hell I do, but he does, and he gets it.

5) He loves our kids as much as I do. They are his #1 priority.

6) He’s very open minded.

7) He’s smart.

8. He thinks I’m smart.

9)He will eat pizza any time, as many days in a row as it needs to happen. And he’ll be happy about it.

10) He does not drink and is happy to be designated driver.

11) He does the garbage and the taxes and the lawn mowing.

12) He doesn’t notice, or blame me, if the house is a wreck.

13) He’s good with the one-liners.

14) He thinks I’m hilarious.

15) He’s a wicked hard worker, and he’s competent and efficient and responsible.

*This list was compiled after I was flooded with appreciation when HT fixed my Kindle. He’s magic like that. Amen.

7 thoughts on “Some Things I Like About My Husband

  1. And he is deeply in love with your friend Chris…. ok seriously, with all that good stuff, I Love him… What a guy!

  2. You are such a magnificent partner, Michelle! I know HT is terrific, too, but the simple fact that you took a minute to very publicly call him out for what makes him dear to you is magnificent.

    Love you all!

  3. These are all the special qualities I have loved about him since he was a baby. I can see that he has inherited all the goodness, gentleness and caring ways from his Grampy Cherro and his wonderful Dad. We love you so much, Todd..
    I am his proud Mom.