Gratitude at Bedtime

He puts the bookmark in his book, and we say prayers and he tells me what he’s grateful for. Tucking Seth into bed, I look at his sweet face long and hard and this is what I tell him.

“Seth. If ever I have a hard day, or I feel down, or I feel like the world is out to get me, or my life sucks, all I have to do it look at you to know that isn’t true, because I got you for a kid.”

He smiles and we look into each other’s eyes for a long, long time. And I know that it might not be easy for him at times. I know there has not been enough of me to go around. And I know it doesn’t matter.

He knows. He is my heart.

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10 Responses to Gratitude at Bedtime

  1. KFuller says:


  2. Meg says:

    Those moments when we connect with our children, not as parent and child, but soul to soul are profound and magical.

  3. Sigh. How beautiful. And a reminder to me, in a very personal way. Thank you.

  4. kario says:

    Isn’t it amazing how grounding they are? I am certain that every time I even stroke Lola or Eve’s cheek, a chemical response occurs in my body that stimulates my adrenal glands to secrete hormones that simply calm me and bathe me in love. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Carrie Link says:

    I would work to redefine “enough.”

    Little Miss Know-It-All

  6. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, beautiful and touching and grace-filled. Peace.

  7. Chris V. says:

    Oh my goodness Michelle. So precious. So simple.

  8. Kim says:

    this brought me to tears. what a gift you’ve given him. xo

  9. Tanya Savko says:

    *sigh* “I know there has not been enough of me to go around”
    Not a day goes by that I don’t think this way about Aidan. Hopefully I can change that way of thinking.

  10. Amber says:

    Great. Now my nose is all stuffy because you made me cry. Bish.


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