Look at her go!

It’s been a big week for Riley.

Over the weekend she had four girls sleep over. It went off without a hitch. Total success. Yesterday, our second day at the public pool this season, she took both feet off the bottom of the pool, and was able to tread water. No floats. No life jacket. No support. No panic. I’m not saying she can swim, be she was able to tread water for the first time in her life. She’s on her way!

And today at the park, she climbed to the very top of the play structure that has been one of the biggest nightmares for her. It was the first time she ever made it anywhere near the top.

She talked to herself the whole time. “I can do this. I can do this.”

What’s next? Riding a bike?

She’s worked so hard to be where she is today. We take nothing for granted. It’s been heartbreaking at times watching my baby struggle, but nothing beats the feeling I get watching her fly.

12 thoughts on “Look at her go!

  1. Truly amazing! You – Michelle, HT , Riley, Seth and, I believe, God working in and through each of you, broke into the trajectory Riley was on and rerouted her.

  2. Our hearts are so full of pride and joy to see these beautiful pictures!! Riley is making wonderful strides!! Our prayers and love are with all of you always.!!

  3. Dear Michelle, through your postings, Riley has touched my life in many ways. Now I’m going to repeat with her–“I can do this. I can do this” when regard to deciding whether to move back to Minnesota. Please thank her for me. Peace.

  4. I love that you have given her this attitude, this certainty that she can see obstacles, think about them for a bit, walk around them to assess, and then decide to tackle them on her own time. You are all so terrific! Congratulations!