The Call

Today is the first day of summer camp for the kids. I had an appointment for an educational evaluation for Riley, so Todd dropped them off. He said our girl bopped right in, introduced herself to new counselors, greeted ones she knew  like they were old friends, initiated conversation, and was 100% bubbly tween adorable.

Walking in the house from my appointment he tells me all this, and we sit at the kitchen table, chit-chatting happily about the morning.

Todd goes up to take a shower (he works evening today) and the phone rings. Caller ID says it’s the camp.

The wind is sucked out of my sails. Son of a bitch.

Todd sees it on the caller ID on the phone upstairs. He runs downstairs to listen in as I answer the phone.

“We got too cocky,” is what he said he was thinking.

It’s the camp’s administrative office. They overcharged us by $94.00 and would it be okay if they wrote us a check, because they delete the credit card info after transactions occur and no longer have it on file to credit our account.

The lady on the line has no idea the heart attack she has just induced.

Yes, please, send us $94.00.

That would be great.

I hang up.

We meet each others eyes and release our breath.

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10 Responses to The Call

  1. Heather says:


  2. Amanda says:

    With you on that one!!

  3. joy says:

    i’d’ve had a heart attack, too…

  4. Camille says:

    Totally know that feeling. After the first two years of calls twice a week from school, everytime I saw that number, my stomach would knot up. I get quite a few calls from school related to PTA so it took all of this year, and I mean all of it until the last day to not tense up and expect the worst when I see that number

  5. Sally says:

    Yippee. Hope all the camp goes well. yippee

  6. Kathee says:

    Been there… Think of the great summer date night you can have with your husband for $94 – just saying!

  7. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, why is it that we always–or nearly always–expect the worse to happen? For most of us do that, perhaps for fear that in expecting the best we will be disappointed. Whatever the reason, I’m so relieved with you that you are getting a check and not having to go to the camp and bring Riley home. She is truly, truly, becoming who she has always been. Peace.

  8. kario says:

    Aw, geez! I hate those moments. I actually changed the ringtone on my cell phone to a panic button/alarm sound for Lola’s school number. I probably ought to have made it something soothing like harp music, but the adrenaline shoots sky high when I see the incoming number.

    Hope you had a glorious day and Riley thoroughly enjoyed her first day of camp.

  9. mom says:


  10. Carrie Link says:

    Sister. It’s called PTSD. It takes one to know one.

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