Our Hot Water Bottle

We are seeing a dog trainer to help get Yippee under control, so he can stop un-training Jingle. One of the assignments was to research what our dog was bred for, to help better understand his temperament and needs(yeah, we probably should have done that before we got him, but whatever).

Seems Chihuahuas were bred to be worshipped. Or at least to carry some sort of mystical spiritual powers. They were buried with their owners in ancient times, and there are pictures of them in hieroglyphics, etc.

They were also bred to be hot water bottles for invalids. They were therapy dogs before therapy dogs were cool.

We’ve spent the better part of this week attempting to teach him “down” to no avail. He is Mr. Alert. “Down” requires relaxation. He only ever does it for snuggling and for sleep. The day Riley and I brought him home to surprise Seth, that puppy stood in a little milk crate, so exhausted his eyes kept closing, resting his chin on the side. He never did give it up and lie down, the whole 1.5 hour ride home. He slept standing up.

He’s not having any part of “down” unless you plan on lying down with him, but he sure is toasty. He’s got the water bottle thing down pat.


5 thoughts on “Our Hot Water Bottle

  1. I love it! And, not coincidentally, it fits right in with Carrie’s post today. This is what he was born for. Discovering what we were put here for and finding others who gratefully acknowledge that are not usually simple tasks, but they are among the most important. Kudos to you for doing the research.


  2. Good luck! I did a beginning training with Guinness and he will sit and wait very nicely for his food, but “down” on command is hit or miss.

    LOVE the new header photo!!! love it.

  3. Dear Michelle,
    I’m just loving this blogging universe. I learn so much. One blog teaches me about art; another about poetry. One, yours, explains the mysticism of Chihuahuas; another takes me on a journey to Mexico to see the cloak of Juan Diego on which is imprinted the image of Mary. So much. It bemuses me!