Final Night/Cancun

The last night in Mexico, we went all out and stayed at the luxurious J.W. Marriott in Cancun. Below is the view from our room. Every room has a view of the water.

In the photo below, you see the little hot tub? Just to the right, past that little bridge? Riley and I sat in it and looked out at the ocean. And when a waiter went by and asked us if we wanted drinks, we said, “Yes.” So often in life it is, no, no, no…but this time it was yes.

I ordered a Mojito. Riley ordered a Shirley Temple. We clinked our glasses together, took a few sips and she leaned over to me and said out of the side of her mouth, “We’re really pampering ourselves, aren’t we?”

There is no describing how much I love this girl.

Below is the view from inside the dark blue infinity pool above. Seth and Todd spent a lot of time swimming in there.

I love Marriott hotels. They consistently have nice white bedding. Lots of pillows. These beds were so comfy. And Todd and I were able to sit on the balcony at night after tucking the kids in, looking up at a gorgeous display of stars. We also had an aeriel view of a young couple getting engaged, (though we predicted they won’t make it… based on what an ass he acted like in the pool earlier in the day)…but whatever, it was romantic.

Seth looking out in the morning.

I had already been up and out on a sunrise walk on the beach before any of them rose. It was glorious. Twice on this vacation, an idea I’ve been tossing around for a new book came into my head. Once it was during a massage on the beach (did I mention I had a massage on the beach our first morning)? Once was when I was getting sonar from the dolphins. The idea just floated in and hovered there during those states of deep relaxation.

Standing ankle deep in the wet sand, looking out at the sunrise I agreed to write it. Again, I said, “Yes.”

Below is a picture of my friend Clarissa. I don’t know who took it and I don’t know what beach it is on, but I am ever so grateful to her friend Dave who sent it to me. I felt her presence on this trip. Such a magnificent gift she gave us.

One we will never, ever forget. Thank you Clarissa, for being a friend to me and my family.

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3 Responses to Final Night/Cancun

  1. Carrie Link says:

    Love, love and more love! Cannot wait to hear ELD about the new book!

  2. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle,
    I’m so happy for you and your family that your friend Clarissa gave you such a life-enriching gift. And . . . I’m so glad to hear that you are going to write another book.


  3. amber says:

    HOW WONDERFUL!! All of it. That place looks amazing. And I giggled at Miss R in the hot tub. She will always remember that moment of girl time.


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