Orchid Mania/Cleveland Botanical Garden Slide Show

Learning to post a slide show, for me, was like giving birth. After it was over I forgot about the sweat, the tears, the pain. Almost.

I have a point & shoot. None of these photos are edited. I want an SLR someday. I want Photo Shop one day. I want gobs of time to edit my photos. All wonderful things to joyfully look forward to. For now, this falls under the category of good enough.

Without any further ado, I give you the fruits of my labor.

Lovingly yours,


Orchid “Mania” Cleveland Botanical Gardens

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3 Responses to Orchid Mania/Cleveland Botanical Garden Slide Show

  1. Dad and Mums says:

    Your slideshow is wonderful!!! The orchids are gorgeous and so are Riley and Seth. Great job……………….

  2. amber says:


  3. kario says:

    Beautiful! Makes me think of Hawaii and wish I could find a warm, humid orchid exhibit to visit. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your frustration!

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