Danielle House, a Grandmother Fashion Show, Angelo Zuccolo and Don Giovanni

In 1989, Danielle Stento, a senior at the University of Buffalo, a girl from my hometown, about my age, was struck by a drunk driver while crossing a street in Buffalo, New York. She survived but suffered traumatic brain injury (and to this day requires 24 hour care).

Her parents found themselves in crises, over three hours from home. Typically when this happens, “Families take turns sleeping in chairs, cars, on floors in waiting rooms, or on uncomfortable cots in order to stay close to their loved ones,” said Danielle’s mother, Diane Stento, on the Danielle House website.

Bringing meaning to their experience, they created Danielle House, a place patients’ families and loved ones can stay when they find themselves in similar circumstances in Binghamton.

This weekend, my friend and former theater professor, Angelo Zuccolo, and my friend and former radio colleague Don Giovanni are having “a weekend comedy spectacular…and grandmother fashion show” to support Danielle House. I can only imagine what a grandmother fashion show is…but with these two, it’s certain to be entertaining.

I am in awe of the Stentos and all they have done to honor their beautiful daughter. If you are from my hometown, you know it goes way beyond Danielle House.

If you live in the Binghamton area, do go out and have a great time with Angelo and Don. If you would like to support Danielle House, click here for a printable donation form.

And if you can, take a moment to think of Danielle today, send her love, and thank her brave soul for all she’s given to so many.

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  1. Courtney says:

    This post fills me with such sadness, and such hope.

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