No Nonsense Nelly

So, the morning after my little orchid meltdown, I opened the Girls on the Run book to prepare for the lesson I needed to teach and the topic was “negative self-talk.”


The girls wrote down two negative self-talk examples they sometimes say to themselves on index cards. Then we came up with a noise…like those you hear when a game show contestant makes the wrong answer.


The girls took turns reading their negative self-talk statements out loud, then the group made the sound effect, to cancel it or shoot it down. Next the girls did a warm up activity where they ran across the gym to No Nonsense Nelly above, and ceremonially put their negative cards in her mouth, for her to dispose of.

Some of what the girls wrote was simply heartbreaking. These are little girls. Some as young as 8.

So we talked about re-framing.

For instance, instead of me thinking “I should know how to upload this computer slide show.”

I could say, “This is really challenging to me. Lots of people go to school for computers and I do a pretty good job with no formal training.”

That kind of thing. We’ll be working on this all season.

Yes, if you must know, Nelly borrowed HT’s Hannah Montana Wig. I don’t know why you have to bring that up. You know how embarrassing it is for him.

So, we’re just a few lessons into Girls on the Run this season and it’s going well. Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day. We got outside in the fresh air and ran, walked, skipped, and talked. Oh how the girls love to talk!

It’s a terrific bunch this season.

Thank you girls, for teaching me what I need to learn.

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8 Responses to No Nonsense Nelly

  1. amber says:

    So cool you do this. I think I should do it here…Only I HATE to run. Do I have to run if I do it? lol But really, what a rich experience you have had with it.


  2. Wanda says:

    Re-framing is soooooooooooooooo powerful. And it is a great skill to learn.

  3. Annicles says:

    Reframing is a new concept for me but one that is about to be thoroughly researched and introduced to three children I know who need some reframing in their lives. Nelly’s cousin might make an appearance too. What might she be called?!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Annicles I vote Nora 🙂

    This reframing thing is kind of like statistics – you could say 65% chance it will fail or you could say 35% it will work. It’s kind of a glass half full vibe and I like it a lot. I’m also thrilled you’re instilling it into girls before they get too entrenched in the other way of thinking

  5. mom says:

    Reframing. A wonderful skill. Thank you God for a wonderful woman who gives so much for other little girls as well as her own. What a blessing you are to them as well as Riley and Seth. I love you.

  6. Chris Vartorella says:

    Do you guys take 54 year olds?

  7. kario says:

    Awesome! I hope these girls take the lesson to heart now and remember it their entire lives. You are a wonderful teacher.

  8. Meg says:

    Need a theme song for the girls? How about the fabulous Lady Gaga “Born the Way”? I’ll bet the girls already know it!

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