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A Very Good Day at the Playground

If you’ve followed this blog for a while you know about our challenges with playgrounds. They fall under the category of things that are supposed to be fun for kids, but aren’t fun for Riley. Once in a while though, for … Continue reading

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Everyone is Healthy and Bowls Sing

After many days of the kids passing a tummy bug back and forth, today was the first time everyone was feeling well at the same time. Being stuck inside the house with sick kids takes its toll on me. I do my best to take little breaks … Continue reading

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Autism & Alleluias

  As you can discern from the title, religion is woven throughout Kathleen Deyer Bolduc’s Autism & Alleluias. Despite attending Unity churches for several years, I consider myself one of those now cliched “spiritual but not religious” people so I wasn’t sure … Continue reading

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Our Easter

So what do you do after you were just bamboozled into your first solo and you want to push it far, far from your mind?  You take the kids to the zoo. How about HT’s new fully shaved head? He finally went … Continue reading

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Fear of Singing

We woke up. The kids found their Easter Baskets, and hunted for eggs. Riley and I were to be at the church by 9:00 to rehearse for the 11:00 service. At about 8:30 she started complaining her stomach hurt. She … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

At church tomorrow, the adult and children’s choirs are combining, and Riley has volunteered to do a solo! She just flat out claimed it. No one asked her. She wanted it. She’s never done anything like this before. I am in awe. … Continue reading

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Sailing Aboard Winifred, St. Thomas

Admit it. I look kind of sexy in this snorkel mask, don’t I? Pretty sure it’s the noodle giving me maximum coolness. I’ll get to that later. Diana, (the statuesque woman shown below) organized a private sailboat tour for the day our cruise … Continue reading

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Quite Possibly the Most Beautiful Blog Post I Have Ever Come Across

I have a friend whose son has Down Syndrome (Note the spelling, okay? Many who have kids with Down Syndrome are sick of people erroneously calling it Down’s Syndrome. They don’t have “Down’s” kids. It is “Down” no “s” Syndrome, capiche’)? Wow! … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Unity Music Conference

Unity Center in Cleveland Heights is hosting what is sure to be an inspiring music conference May 5,6,& 7. Ricky Byars Beckwith and Tim McAfee Lewis from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California will be leading the gathering. If you are … Continue reading

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Good Men (no fooling)

Forgot to post this. The night of the school dance, I got the kids in the car, then realized I forgot my camera. I went back inside to get it, and came out to find this little man, attempting to scrape my windows. … Continue reading

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