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Homeschooling One

“Sweet ride, man.” “That’s right, eat your hearts out suckers.” “Uh. I mean, thanks.” One of the cool things about our neighborhood is in the winter, you can pull your kid home from school on a sled. That is, if … Continue reading

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Organic Food Induces Singing

Above is this week’s bounty from the organic food co-op. I unloaded the bag, took the photo (because how could I not), grabbed the two avocados to put them on the windowsill for ripening, and as I held those little beauties in … Continue reading

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Stop the presses! Dynamo autism mom Jess Wilson has had another brilliant idea! Click here to see how you might help.

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Saliva is the least of my concerns

He scowls at me and then rolls his eyes. I’ve interrupted his Lego building.  He opens his mouth and I begin jamming the flosser between his teeth. “You know Seth, some parents don’t give a darn about their kids’ teeth. They’d just … Continue reading

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Homeschooling at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Icicles, schmycicles. We spent our afternoon in the rain forest. Riley got to do something she’s always dreamed of…   She also acquired a new nickname. Ladies and gentle(M), I give you…Mimosa. A sensitive name for a sensitive girl. She’s … Continue reading

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If icicles make you happy, have I got a post for you!

These icicles are currently hanging off the roof of our second story back porch. Today I chipped ice off my windshield, inch by inch, in order to take the kids to dance class. That’s right. Rain, snow or ice, on Wednesdays, … Continue reading

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Our Oops! Baby

He wakes up this happy and stays happy all day. I’d tell you how much I love this boy, but I don’t see how you could fathom it. He wouldn’t throw this at his mom. I’m not kidding. He really wouldn’t. … Continue reading

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Cacophonous Family Meditation

Jingle jingled. Seth sneezed. Todd snored. Riley tooted. Twice. Gave up. Laughed. Om.

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Off to a good start

Day one of homeschooling and the Universe provided us with this sweet bounty! Cauliflower, broccoli, celery, parsley, peppers, cucumber, carrots, kale, sweet potatos, cherry tomatoes, lemons, oranges, granny smiths. All organic baby! I got myself invited into an organic food co-op by … Continue reading

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The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child

Tomorrow we “officially” begin homeschooling. Since we made the decision, the Universe keeps sending little messages to assure us we are doing the right thing. 1) A notice in the mail stating the school day is going to be lengthened by a half … Continue reading

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“Dwell on your dreams.”

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Community Brag Page

Looking for a place to celebrate your child’s accomplishments with people who get it? Looking for a lift on one of those difficult days? Come see The Community Brag Page Jess Wilson has set up. Tell us what is great about your … Continue reading

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