Homeschooling One

“Sweet ride, man.”

“That’s right, eat your hearts out suckers.”

“Uh. I mean, thanks.”

One of the cool things about our neighborhood is in the winter, you can pull your kid home from school on a sled.

That is, if your kid isn’t doing her school work at the kitchen table.


I hadn’t thought about the effects homeschooling Riley would have on Seth but they are profound. No longer does he have to listen to his sister scream all evening over homework. They can enjoy each other in the evenings and have fun playing together. No longer does he have to deal with an exasperated parent, glaring at him and shooing him from the room during his sister’s homework, because he is distracting, and said parent is at the end of their rope.

And mornings! Mornings are so easy now! I’m not kidding. Getting one neurotypical kid off to school is a piece of cake. Mornings are unrushed and peaceful and Seth goes to school joyfully.  

HT is home most mornings, so he is downstairs working with Riley on math as I type this. He supports me fully in getting time to myself. God forbid I couldn’t “get my blog on.”

So far so good.


*Not enough has been made of Jingle’s cute paws. Riley is a big fan of her colorful pads.

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22 Responses to Homeschooling One

  1. Jerri says:

    Not enough has been made of what good partners you two are for each other.

    Not enough has been made of the value of peace.

    Not enough has been made of how cute your red hat is.

  2. Heather says:

    After reading your post, I couldn’t help but take in a deep breath, inhaling the peaceful air that you described. I felt your joy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wanda says:

    I feel everyone’s relief reading this. Congratulations for listening to yourself(ves) about home schooling. Oh…so glad it is working out. So glad.

  4. Amanda says:

    Long may it continue!

    I really do admire you for the whole home school thing. Where I am right now – first day back at school after three weeks holiday with no holiday club – I’m sure I couldn’t do it, but give me a couple of weeks into term and I could possibly imagine it, but then again maybe I would rather not!!

  5. Kim says:

    So happy to hear that everything is working out! Sounds kinda peaceful! (not to mention FUN-sledding to school! My Mom used to pull me in a sled to preschool-it was in our neighborhood! I still remember it!)

  6. -e- says:

    yeah, he paws are cute, but that photo is all about the TONGUE!

  7. Sally says:

    Hurrah! Glad its going so well, and why are you wearing a skirt in the snow? Oh, and I love Jingle’s tongue, also.

  8. Gail C. says:

    Sounds great and Seth looks so cute in the sled.

    I’m curious (=nosy), does Riley get all her work done while Seth is a school or is homeschooling such a better fit that she no longer has breakdowns when she does her work at night?

  9. pixiemama says:

    YES! to the peace and the happiness!


  10. Carrie Link says:

    Not enough HAS been made of Jingle’s cute paws, and not enough has been made that you got a service dog MOSTLY to help Riley AT school, and that’s exactly what happened! They are “at” school together, no wonder it’s all working so great!

    Not enough has been made of the benefits to Seth, and the greater peace for all!


  11. amber says:

    I am not surprised about that! Less stress = more peace. Yay!!!

    All such cute pics, sister. That little Seth face… So sweet!


  12. Bonnie says:

    So glad to hear this.

  13. Michelle O'Neil says:


    We do all the school work during the time Seth is at school. No homework in the evenings.


  14. Jenny R says:

    I can sense your peace through the blog

  15. Michelle O'Neil says:


    I always wear my skirts. Over very warm leggings. The extra layer of warmth without the bulk of two layers of pants. I went sled riding later that day in the skirt. I’m waiting for Stacy London to sneak up on me.

  16. I was thinking exactly what Carrie wrote! Love that last pic, and I am ecstatic for you that things are going so well! xoxo

  17. Betty says:

    So glad this is working out for you all. Even Jingle looks more peaceful.

  18. JoyMama says:

    It all sounds like such a tremendous relief. Congratulations!

    We use a sled for school transportation too. Awesome option.

  19. *m* says:

    Joy all around!

  20. Gail C. says:

    Thanks Michelle. I’m guessing that makes the bedtime transitioning easier too due to less stress in the evening hours. It sounds like Seth benefits from this arrangement as much as Riley. I was also curious about how you stayed warm in that skirt – glad that Sally asked for me.
    Amen right back at you.

  21. kario says:

    I am so pleased that Seth hasn’t seen this as a challenge to his place in the family. And I’m thrilled that Riley is doing so well and you are managing to find time for yourself as well. Dang, you guys are good!

  22. grace says:

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