The Business of Baby

The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line, by Jennifer Margulis.

I will give this book to every newly pregnant woman I meet for the rest of my life. I believe in it so much I will champion it to anyone who will listen. I will go into book stores and I will move it to a prominent place of display, (in front of What to Expect), every chance I get. If you have children, no matter what the age, buy this book. Tell everyone you know. This is a VERY IMPORTANT book. 

I wish this book had been out when I was a new mommy. Oh…how much easier I would have breathed about so many things. If I’d read this book, maybe I would have trusted my own judgement more about my babies, rather than handing over my power. I would have enjoyed them more and worried less. I wouldn’t have felt so scared and alone when facing off with physicians I didn’t agree with.

You know that old parable about the roast with the ends cut off? And it goes on that way for generations until one day a woman asks her great grandmother, why do we cut off the ends off the roast? She thinks there is some important culinary reason behind it. The great grandmother says her mother didn’t have a pan big enough to fit it in.

So much of what we do as parents is just following along, not questioning. Doing what has always been done. In this book Margulis uses her critical thinking skills, her undercover investigational skills, and tons of scientific research to question things we commonly subject our babies to without even thinking about it. But unlike corporate America whose job it is to scare us into buying more products, this book is empowering. So empowering! You will worry less after reading it. You will trust yourself more. You will be a better parent. A thinking parent.

The Business of Baby is full of information. And a book with so much info could be dry, but not this book. It reads like a novel. Or a conversation with a friend. It is so interesting and engaging. It is full of personal stories. Margulis tackles the subjects of breast feeding, diapering practices, circumcision, vaccines, the corporate grip on our physicians, our ridiculously high infant death rate in the U.S., the overuse of ultrasounds, and overall fear mongering that gets us to buy products and agree to practices that are not in the best interest of our children.

She talks to physicians about what it’s really like to run a pediatric practice business. She talks to an outspoken vaccine proponent, who privately tells her he admires Jenny McCarthy and those who are questioning the over-vaccination of children in our country.

This book needed to be written. Margulis, a devoted mother of four and a beautiful writer stepped up to the plate and did a very thorough job. I am so happy for the generations of children that will benefit from it.

Jennifer Margulis dedicates The Business of Baby to her mother, the late Lynn Margulis. Lynn Margulis was a prominent scientist whose work “helped transform the study of evolution.” She bravely challenged the ideas of many other prominent scientists and since then, her theories have become “accepted evolutionary doctrine” according to The New York Times.

Jennifer Margulis is the perfect combination of someone who truly values science, having been steeped in it, and who is also entirely devoted to mothering. Like her mom, she is “sticking her neck out,” challenging ideas that have been widely and unquestioningly accepted. The Business of Baby will be an important part of the evolution of parenting as we currently know it, as reader by reader we begin to think, begin to question, begin to wake up.

Her mom would be so proud.

BUY THIS BOOK! Read this book. Give it as a baby shower gift. Tell your friends. Be part of the change.


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6 Responses to The Business of Baby

  1. Dee Ready says:

    Dear Michelle, thank you for the informative and enthusiastic review. Your own experience of mothering is so value because it gives you the experience to judge a book like this.

    On another note: I know how much you like “Dancing with the Stories.” A blogger I read (Manzanita) has been a dancer for decades. She’s now in her 80s. She’s doing the a to Z Challenge this year and her team is dance. She’s done “F” for Foxtrot and “D” for Dancing with the Stars and “B” for Bolero and “C”a for the Cha Cha. She simply loves “Dancing with the Stars” and I suspect you would enjoy reading her short postings each day during April. She’s accompanying her postings with a short video each day to illustrate what she’s talking about. Here’s the URL:

  2. kario says:

    I will! Even though I am absolutely, positively done having babies, I have to check out the book now. Thanks!

  3. Nina says:

    I agree, Michelle– wish this book had been out there four babies ago!!

  4. Carrie Link says:

    I will, too, and I know just whom to give it to.

  5. Awesome. I remember quite distinctly the day I threw out “What to Expect” when Sophie was nearly three years old, and I was getting ready to have Henry. In a strange and wonderful way, Sophie and her weird and oft-agonizing journey, taught me more than any book, but I so wish that I had a book like this one to help —

  6. Sue says:

    This book is extremely well-researched, and easy to read! I love it. Everyone considering becoming a parent should read it.

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