There is a writing workshop I really, really want to go to coming up later this month. There are two people presenting I really, really want to meet in person. I admire their work and have received good support from them, and I would like to support them back,  and I just would love to immerse myself in their positive ju-ju for a day or two.

Plus there is another HUGE writer I would love to hear speak. Plus, there is another smaller panel and one of the writers on it I would just be thrilled to meet in person. I love her work and what she is about and she could be a very influential contact for my next book, a spiritual book on parenting children with special needs.


It is over eight hours away. And I am bone tired. We traveled six hours by car two weekends ago because Todd’s mom is sick and I’ve barely got my footing since getting back. And we will likely be doing it again soon.


We are getting our house ready to sell. It is a TON of work. Clearing out. Painting. Hiring various contractors to do work we can’t do. Getting inspections taken care of. Meeting with realtors. Selling our stuff on Craigslist. Trying to get it “show” ready.


Todd has been working like a demon. He’s been doing tons of shifts that start at 6AM, and he is tired too. We’ve barely had a moment together in weeks, and I miss him.


I meet with some of my women writer friends here the weekend of the workshop, and this group is very important to me and I won’t be here in Cleveland much longer and I don’t want to miss it/them.


I’d miss chorus. And I won’t be here in Cleveland much longer and I don’t want to miss it/them.


I just have to cry uncle. I have to believe there is always another workshop. Always another ship coming in. Always Divine timing.

I could go to the workshop. But it would likely wipe me out. Writing workshops are great, but they are not relaxing. They are not retreats. They are often stressful, and emotionally draining, especially if you are doing real work. And why go if you’re not going to do the real work?

It’s all okay.

I can do everything I want in this life, just not all at the same time.

Damn it.

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5 Responses to Uncle

  1. Carrie Link says:

    Good call!!! OMHOG, this is not the time to ADD, it’s definitely the time to subtract!!!

  2. That’s a bummer. It really is, but it sounds like you’re making the right decision for you at this time. I’m sorry, though —

  3. Meg says:

    You are right, you know. You don’t want to miss your awesome women writer friends 😉

  4. Leah says:

    I totally know how you feel. There are some great writing workshops that are only two hours away from me (I know, nothing compared to your 8 hours). But the thought of the drive and time away from my family is exhausting to think about. Too bad we can’t have it both ways, right?

  5. kario says:

    I just had a conversation with Eve last weekend about not being able to do it all. She had a babysitting commitment and then was asked to a birthday sleepover on the same night. She scrambled around for a few hours trying to figure out how to shift things to make it all happen (go to the sleepover at 11pm after babysitting or join the other girls for breakfast the next morning) and it took on a life of its own. I had to remind her that there is no way she will ever be able to take advantage of all the cool things going on in life and she has to trust that the ones she goes to will be enough. I hope that the house sells quickly and the move goes smoothly and you and HT get a date night soon.

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