Today is my friend Cindy’s birthday, so I’ve got Cindy on the brain. She’s one of those friends you can go months without seeing and pick up right where you left off. She’s one of those friends who really enjoys her life and you feel uplifted being in her presence. You walk away from a coffee date on cloud nine, feeling smarter and prettier and cooler than you did before.

She’s creative and funny and her heart is humongous.

She’s beautiful.

She is responsible for the cat fiasco experience of 2008.

She’s a very talented writer.

She can be irreverent and wry. She’s a big flirt.

She’s a great mom.

She has the wonderful gift of equanimity, and is able to see situations from all angles. If needed, she can hold up a mirror to my self-righteous perch, but in a way that doesn’t hurt too much. 

She’s the kind of friend you want.

Can’t say enough about Ms. Cindy Washabaugh.

Happy Birthday, you!

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  1. Carrie Link says:

    NECBM of a friend like that.

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